The European Union fines and the ongoing technology companies

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The imposition of European Union’s record fine on the company Google, where is punishment amounting to 4.34 billion euros ($5 billion) that the European Commission announced on Wednesday, the latest step in a long battle between Google and regulators in Brussels, which was subjected technology company for three investigations in the field of antitrust, although the amount of the fine standard, but you can Google absorbed without a lot of pain, as it will not cause the abandonment of the Europeans on the Android operating system famous from Google or its smart apps.

And you can the European Union a long history in developing technology companies, giant under-equipped, as is what happened with Google the most prominent example of this, with the indictment of a giant Sea of abusing its dominant position in the market of operating systems across the system Android.

Emerged the European Union as an entity suitable for large technical after that developed, implemented strict rules relating to the protection of user’s data and hate speech, tax and competition issues, said Nicolas petit Nicolas Petit, Professor, University of Liege, University of Liege is a visiting Fellow at the Hoover Institute Hoover at Stanford Stanford: “when the dominant firm in Europe, you are subject to more scrutiny and responsibility”.

Here are some of the most prominent cases that have undergone the technology giant to audit by the European Union:

⬛ March 2004 – has been fined Microsoft $ 497 million euros (578 million) by the European Commission to break its antitrust laws by forcing users of its system operating Windows on Driver Media my Windows Media Player, and demand the company stop this practice.

⬛ July 2006 – fined Microsoft for the second time in the amount of $ 280.5 million euros ($326 million) for non-compliance of the decision issued in 2004.

⬛ February 2008 – fined Microsoft for the second time in the amount of $ 899 million euros (million) additional non-compliance of the decision issued in 2004, and reduced the fine at a later time to 860 million euros.

⬛ December 2009 – was ordered to Microsoft by the Commission to allow the users of the system operating windows and my computers turn off the browser by the web Internet Explorer Internet Explorer and use other browsers.

⬛ May 2009 – has been fined Intel $ 1.06 billion euros ($1.2 million) for abusing its dominant position by paying the makers of computers to delay or even cancel the issuance of products containing chips made by AMD competition.

⬛ December 2012 – the UNHCR has fined PHILIPS Philips and LG LG Electronics and PANASONIC Panasonic and other companies a total of 1.47 billion euros ($1.7 million) due to the leadership of these companies to determine prices and markets to participate and distribute the work among them and reduce their production.

⬛ March 2013 – the company was fined Microsoft $ 561 million euros ($653 million) due to non-compliance with the resolution issued in 2009 relating to the web browser to your Internet Explorer.

⬛ May 2014 – the Supreme Court in Europe to govern that people have the right to be forgotten and search engines like Google to remove some unwanted links.

⬛ August 2016 – and requests the European Commission of Ireland to recover up to 13 billion euros ($14.6 million) of the tax not paid by Apple.

⬛ May 2017 – fined by Facebook Inc. in the amount of $ 110 million euros ($122 million) to mislead the European officials on the deal the acquisition of the service of instant messaging WhatsApp.

⬛ June 2017 – has fined Google a record amount reached 2.4 billion euros ($2.7 million) to use its search engine to direct Internet users towards shopping platform.

⬛ October 2017 – the European Commission had requested from the company Amazon payments unpaid taxes worth 250 million euros ($293 million) after discovering that she had benefited from the illegal arrangements with Luxembourg.

⬛ January 2018 – the Committee has fined Qualcomm $ 997 million euros ($1.2 million) to pay billions to Apple for not using chips from competitors.

⬛ March 2018 – Europe to tell technology companies including Google, facebook and twitter presence to remove terrorist content immediately or face legislation and fines.

⬛ April 2018 Committee stated that it was investigating the acquisition of apple on the application of music recognition Shazam.

⬛ May 2018 – entered the Data Protection Act in the New Europe the regulation of the General Data Protection Over development, which put strict rules new how corporate processing of personal data.

⬛ July 2018 – Google has gotten on the record via a new fine amounting to 4.34 billion euros ($5 billion) because of Android.

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