The European Union is in the process of study plan state towards a phone charger common

الاتحاد الأوروبي يحاول فرض استخدام منفذ شاحن لآيفون شبيه بهواتف أندرويد

Chairwoman of competition in the European Union ( Margaret will), the intention of the producers in the Union to take action towards pushing companies to use the chargers shared hope, in the case did not use the latter to achieve this goal.

The students of the European Union since approximately 10 years of corporate standardization of hand, to avoid accumulation of e-waste remnants of the mills that reach 51,000 tons per year, in response to this request has 14 companies in previous years including: Apple, Samsung and Huawei to reaching an agreement is voluntary, and the signing of a Memorandum of understanding to Use chargers compatible in the next version of its phones.

He was Executive Director of the European Union for Compliance Review of non-compliance with company phones were full of notes, signed, and with this marketing, measures will be taken to study and evaluate the costs and benefits of different options in light of the implementation of this order.

While pick up all well-known companies using the charging port the same in its phones, especially the type of newest Type C, the implementation of the Apple using a different port in the iPhone, and this is perhaps reflected by the company in the event of a crucial decision from the European Union.

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