The European Union is seen in the quasi-monopoly and the use of data from Amazon

الاتحاد الأوروبي ينظر في شبهات احتكار واستخدام بيانات من شركة أمازون

Earlier last year committed the European Union Amazon Payment of$ 250 million in the case of obtaining a tax advantage is not fair of Luxembourg today, the EU is seen in the activities of the company Amazon competitive with other companies, where the needs that the company is taking advantage of the information and data products of other companies that market their products via Amazon.

She said she was Competition Commissioner in the European Union Margaret her about it during the conference yesterday, saying that they collect information in this regard has sent a number of questionnaires to clients and customers in order to fully understand the case, it was “too early to tell the subject where we didn’t open the issue officially yet, but we’re trying to get the full picture about this matter.”

These networks on the basis that the Amazon platform is the marketing and selling, where they sell their own products in addition to being host to a large number of other companies ‘ products to be marketed, which raises doubt about whether Amazon’s use of data and products that the target and occupation illegal, allowing it to develop similar products and dominate the market, compared to the damage and impact negatively on other companies and the level of fair competition.

It is known to expand the Amazon’s big in the commercial market around the world, where its products reach almost all states you an enormous smorgasbord of products from the production lines of the company itself or the products of other companies, which leads us to suspect being hints the European Competition Commission may be correct, is actually took advantage of the Amazon data the products of other companies to increase their expansion because of the monopoly it?

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