The exchange rate of Bitcoin, Vitalik Buterin and cherished Here. Best Telegram stickers for fans of the cryptocurrency

Stickers in Telegram — a real find. They lift your spirits, save time, and often help to end the senseless dialogues. Well, if the images are associated with cryptocurrencies, the person will immediately understand your level and show respect. Today just look at this set of stickers.

Stickers for the Telegram. Now about cryptocurrency

Set “2 Bitcoins” brand. It contains the typical situation of miners, hontarov and traders. As a bonus part of the soul. Look, under any circumstances, useful stickers.

The bitcoin bubble (none)

As soon as government officials, investors or Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales called Bitcoin a bubble, immediately sent these pictures. Thus we postpone the collapse of the cryptocurrency market at least ten years.

Forecast Bitcoin exchange rate

Experts like to predict the value of the coins, and we are happy about that. If analysts say the rate cut sent the first sticker. In another case, we click on the second.

This also included reactions to the forecasts.

The Volatility Of Bitcoin

Courses cryptocurrency is constantly jumping, and nothing can be done — have to watch that. If friends do not have time, help them with stickers. Just a couple of taps, and relatives already know about your imminent purchase Lamby. Why not?

Mining cryptocurrency

In your environment, probably not the people who started mine in 2010, right? The reason is simple — they have long been a fixture in the Maldives and didn’t even think to go home.

Less risky guys go slowly to return.

For owners of ASIC miners there is a special picture. They made the train profitable mining, they are great.

Scam, fraud and that’s all

In the niche are often cases of fraud. Try to use the gullibility of the owners of the coins and try to earn some money. The most recent example is masked by Bitmain. Scammers calling on the phone and promise to deliver a non-existent Antminer S11, and a month before the official sales. Read more about this Scam here.

Acne Buterin — our people

The Creator of Ethereum received two stickers. It is a recognition of the abilities of the programmer and gratitude for his creation.

The crypt outside the law

While in Russia there is no legislative framework for the regulation of the crypts. The suspension of the coins emphasize the stickers below.


For that sweet word hides the flight of the cryptocurrency market to the level of the moon. The coins will grow five times more active than late last year and will never fall. Someday this sweet time will come.

The Level Of Satoshi Nakamoto

This unit is dedicated to the fans to dig into topics. These people know about masternode, the smallest works of the blockchain and even the formation of the cost of transactions.

The main lesson of life

Here without comment. Favorite strategy users coins. It got rich thousands.

Wonderful stickers download the link. And God be with you hodl.

If you subscribe to our channel in the Telegram, the bubble will inflate forever.

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