The expectations of the issuance of the iPad mini 5 and the base wireless charging AirPower in late 2018 or early 2019

We’re on after approximately one week of the event Apple is big on 30 October, has stated the the reliable Ming-Chi Kuo about some of the predictions are positive about the versions of Apple devices the next, so that indicated that we’ll see a wireless charging dock AirPower soon, according to sources from the supply chain. The analyst also expects to produce Apple already a new iPad is small in size.

For the event Apple next week, available Ming-Chi Kuo to reveal the Apple TV from many devices:

  • My device iPad Pro to the USB port-C with display screens the best
  • Pen Apple’s new design for iPad Pro updated
  • At least three devices macOS New, including the MacBook “low cost” and Mac mini and iMac up to date

جهاز iPad mini 5

For new challenges, Kuo now that you say Apple manufactures a new version of the iPad mini with a “wizard has been upgraded and low-cost” is not necessarily to see you sometime during the event next week. This suggests that we may be witnessing the emergence of the fifth generation of the iPad mini event Apple next spring.

Currently sells Apple TV version one of the iPad mini 4 with an area of 128 GB cost $ 399, but haven’t reviewed the device yet support the pen the Apple TV or show feature True Tone, as processed A8 late for a A10 processor in the iPad is a 9.7-inch least-expensive – 329$.

This suggests that Apple may upgrade the device, but Kuo didn’t predict after the point price for iPad mini updated. In addition to that the device doesn’t seem to be suitable as a version for professional users, so you should not remove the ID fingerprint Touch ID or change the current design.

قاعدة الشحن اللاسلكي AirPower

It also depends Kuo to the base wireless charging AirPower might see late this year or early 2019.

It is worth mentioning that Apple made AirPower in her gallery main in September 2017 as a preview for the devices that will be coming in late 2018, but base wireless charging this and suitable to accommodate three devices including the iPhone and Apple TV and Apple headphones, did not get yet on a price or release date.

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