The experience of earnings on masternode. Report for the three months

In late October we published detailed instructions for working with masternode and buying shares in them. Then the choice fell on DeviantCoin, the attachment is to demonstrate the operation of the service amounted to $ 50. After almost three weeks after the article was held hardford Cash Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency market collapsed. It’s time to assess the damage and see how much money is brought to trial investment.

By the way, the best coin for mastered in 2019 search for in this article. The list includes Dash, Zcoin, Energi and other cryptocurrencies.

Getting started with masternode Deviant

To start remember the good old days of three months ago. Then the equivalent of $ 50 in Bitcoins taking into account all commissions allowed to acquire 164 DEV. By the way, sale was held at Cryptopia, which at the end of 2018 had no problems. Now exchange is not working. The reason — the recent hacking , and significant loss of site.

Share nod bought 2Masternodes. Purse service received 163,9899 DEV, which corresponded to 3.27 percent of the cost of full masternode. The income from this investment was proportional to the size of the share that we have received 3.27 percent from each receipt of remuneration at the balance masternode. The service fee was 10%, which was levied before the distribution of remuneration among the owners of the node.

Recoverable figures for October:

purchase rate DEV: 0,3069 dollar;
the predicted annual yield of masternode: 151 percentage;
profit after 6 days: 72 DEV or 15.59 dollar at the rate of;
the profit of the purchased shares after 6 days: 2,13 DEV or 0.45 USD.

Our masternode called CHISLOBOG start on 20 October 2018.

Source: 2Masternodes

How and how much you can earn on cryptocurrencies

Today the situation with DeviantCoin leaves much to be desired. The course of the coin is 3.94 cents, which is almost 8 times lower than the cost of DEV for the purchase. Trading volume is also small.

Source: 2Masternodes

With masternode no problem. She works 96 days, during which received 1387,44 DEV. It’s the equivalent of 50.54 USD.

Source: 2Masternodes

Because of the subsidence rate, the cost of masternode is now 182,14 dollar, receiving 27 percent of the investments.

Source: 2Masternodes

During all this time CHISLOBOG restarted only once — on 29 November. By the way, the service itself monitors and conducts restarts in automatic mode.

Source: 2Masternodes

By the way, ROI mastered DeviantCoin dipped to 116 percent. This is due to the increase in the number of nodes, because the compensation network is fixed.

Three months brought 40,95 DEV. It is exactly a quarter of the amount initially invested.

Source: 2Masternodes

Payments come steadily.

Source: 2Masternodes

The amount in the wallet is the same.

Source: 2Masternodes

The situation as at the end of January:

exchange rate DEV: 0,0354 dollar;
current annual yield of masternode: 116%;
profit after 96 days: 1387,44 DEV or 50,54 of the dollar exchange rate;
the profit of the purchased shares after 96 days: 40,95 DEV or $ 1.45.

The results

Masternode justify the title of good investment opportunities. For the three months 164 coins brought nearly 41 DEV from above. Accordingly, the volume of bitcoin has increased twice.

Of course, messed up the course and the bearish trend of the cryptocurrency market as a whole. If the DEV cost remained the same, the amount earned would be equivalent to 8.65 USD.

Owners mastered and their share of talking in this chat, come on in. There will select the model Lamby for the Year.

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