The experience of living in the smart home for two years

Tells the press the My Antonio Corps boas about his experience living in a smart home for two years and that the life-style that proved “indispensable”, but not just provided to control home devices and you’re ready.

Says Antonio if you need to use the smart home devices are represented in the Nirvana caused by Make sure that the door of the house locked and alarm set, and lights, air closed, and his favorite is the doorbell intelligent, as ruled below.

Door lock smart

The best thing for to lock smart door is a grace period to ensure that the door is closed and you’re out of the house, as to control the lock via the audio plugin is a nice touch already.

Tells Antonio that if he were in a normal house will buy him one of section Basic product even if the price associated with the$200.

Bell smartphone

One of the most important advantages of smart ringer is the camera and talk through it, and record what happens in front of the main door and lose the broadcast when you hear a strange noise.

In one night, and tells Antonio that the doorbell ringing at three in the morning, bringing for his wife a Notice on its device iPad to use the app and answer than it turns out they’re cops, without having to shout “who’s ringing at this time? ” Or tell the visitor on several occasions they near the door to keep him from hitting the bell.

Continued Antonio, it turns out that the cops were looking for him as they saw the car “suspicious” passing in the area, says Antonio, he felt in but “at three in the morning?” And his wife thought that the bell-ringer of thieves, albeit for a bouquet of them to apply for permission before stealing.

Will Antonio bell smart if it’s in the house? Answered: Yes.

Thermostat smart

Control the temperature of the home using the phone and the heat smart has proven its effectiveness major for energy saving and thus cost, you can ensure that switching off the air conditioning if you left it out of the house already, as well as comfortable to use, even if some of the smart thermostats like the Nest learn your habits over time and build on it if you don’t get to control.

He says Antonio will definitely buy thermostat intelligent, and both cost 100$ or 250$ it’s worth it.

Security system smart

Monitor the sensors that comprise the System Windows and the door to the house when it is linked to intelligent Alarm tell the company automatically need to break-in without the need to connect them.

System features Smart Security provide to make sure that Home Windows and doors are closed before setting the alarm, make sure that the warning in playback mode and you’re outside the house, change the normal requires a subscription service to monthly or yearly, and some services smart systems in the most expensive; so that says that if you go to the system uses the normal security will continue to use it but will my alarm system smartphone, which may cost between$ 50 to$500.

Surveillance cameras smart

Is used Antonio camera was optional origin and Ping the camera and Arlo Pro and the experience of surveillance cameras smart was exhausted and bitter most of the time, although it was believed that it uses the models of old, said, adjust the sensitivity of the camera to be high stepping it with any movement and if “under a cloud” and reduce the allergies don’t plan something, complaining that it couldn’t access settings comfortable all the time, as most companies ask for a subscription to save surveillance videos for more than 24 hours, and from the point of view of Antonio, it doesn’t help there.

Some of the things that I didn’t like Antonio:

  • Run out of battery, thermostat and lock smartphone quickly, are forced to cover them, even if some companies know services changed compared to an excess fare.
  • Battery sensors system Smart Security have changed also, but this disadvantage also exists with the Regulations of the regular
  • Future models may turn more during the last few years, so if you live in a smart home currently, you can get more on the purchase of the new car models.
  • Some companies will ask subscriptions to the primary use of smart devices such as the use of application control.

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