The experience of using iOS 13. Should I install the beta?

June 24, Apple released the first public beta of iOS 13. I deliberately waited and did not install the version for developers that was available after the presentation during the WWDC 2019, because in my experience the risks that could ensue. But public beta he could not refuse, especially since many people speculated that iOS 13 beta 2 began to work much better.

The installation process was without problems — update downloaded quickly and installation took about 10-15 minutes. Of course, at this time, my iPhone XR heated as the sand in the hot desert, but all ended well, and that evening, 24 June, I began Dating iOS 13 on personal experience.

What surprised beta iOS 13

In the first place — speed. I often install beta versions of iOS, but is so responsive the operating system was only a year ago, when Apple released the first beta of iOS 12. Apps also no problems (well, almost) — the software sometimes “fly” for no reason, but of all the apps installed on my iPhone, this sin of 1-2 %. Fortunately I use them rarely, and it would have to wait until the developers will release an update of its application (some pulled almost before release).

This beta can be called stable. 4 days of using the iPhone with iOS 13 (and I’m the crazy, which immediately puts the beta on the only working device) I have not noticed serious lag and problems. No such thing as in the past bet the loss of cellular signal, spontaneous turn off Wi-Fi, no “dialer” on the screen for incoming call. The new iOS works, and does it well, despite the fact that before the official release, by the way, another 2.5 months.

By the way, if you are already interested in the beta, read how to install the public version of iOS 13 beta 1 without a developer profile.

What did you like best in iOS 13 (so far)

Of course, some days I don’t have time to fully explore all the chips and features of iOS 13, so I’ll start with the visible changes that made the biggest impression. The first dark theme. It really looks cool, built-in apps is enabled automatically, but third-party… have to go to settings and enable it manually (the same Telegram or VC). It would be great to implement an automatic interface switching all apps to dark mode, and while it seems like a hassle.

What else is like — new icon adjust the volume on the screen that does not cover the application and neatly located on the side. And when you switch to silent mode appears tiny animation at the top of the screen (again, instead of a big stupid window).

Just check out the updated application “Health” and “Reminders” — the new interface is much clearer, well, just beautiful. Apple clearly tried to focus on minimalism, and she succeeded.

Special attention is given the menu for sharing — it has become more advanced and clear. Enough scroll down to access the shortcuts, and generally send the link or image now can be anyone and anywhere. My favourite is the AirDrop, especially in the office. Another cool thing — the download Manager, which we have looked at here.

Have already tested the new app “Locator”: much better than Find my iPhone, beautiful animation, works quickly, though, my iPad mini first generation does not find it (probably too old a tablet). And direct kicks from the possibility to connect to a specific Wi-Fi network directly from the control room — waited for this, probably the last three years certainly.

Of course, over time, these findings will be more, and you will probably have determined that you like the most in iOS 13 (write in the comments and in our Telegram chat). I told about the features noticed in the first place, and who really will use in everyday life (and not all of these iBeacons, about which all forgot).

Read at your leisure — iBeacons: a Bit of forgotten technology and the “Internet of things”. Direct cry wanted.

What I did not like in iOS 13 (so far)

There are only two time — incorrect operation of some applications (even the built-in “Weather”) and a bad localization. Many menu items just don’t have time to translate on Russian language, and I sometimes fly from push applications on the Apple Watch in English, although I always “spoke” in Russian. Half of the new application “Health” is made in English, but it will eliminate in the next bet.

And, even “dialer” not very much. Well, some greetings from 2007, really. But it could look something like this:

What devices support iOS 13

If I wanted to put a new iOS, check your device compatibility list:

  • iPhone XS / XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 / 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s / 6s Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPod Touch 7

I’ll continue my observations, and will soon tell you what else impressed by iOS 13 (and at the same time about 6 watchOS talk).

What iPadOS?

I no longer use the iPad as an advanced user, but the beta version iPadOS installed by our other authors who will share their experiences and observations. Spoiler — so far, all the most buzz from the file Manager and the possibility to connect any external drives.

If you’re interested, we have established iPadOS on the first day after the release and already did a first look (with video), which can be viewed here.

Share this article with anyone who is also thinking about installing the beta iOS 13. By the way, are already established? Do you like it? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

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