The experiences of Arab consumers are shaking confidence in the phones “Shawty”

Founded the company “Shawty” Xiaomi to 2010, a Chinese company headquartered in Beijing, operates in the manufacture of smart phones and their applications computers, portable electronic devices, include the latest reports the company to achieve approximately $ 18 million in proceeds per year, and employs about 15 thousand employees.

More famous for “Shawty” is issued for the potential of good with low price fits most of the markets in developing countries, especially Egypt. But are you using the phones Shawty this revolution, and whether their product is good enough to improve this reputation?!

Reveal the experiences of Arab consumers on the Internet with the phones Shawty from serious defects, we have attempted to monitor only impartial what I wrote tech sites, as well as users on social networking sites and forums, in the times of their complaints of the phones Shawty.

For site apps, phones, and report back to March 2016, warned the community of the serious flaws in the phones Shawty, particularly the phone Shao-Note 3 (Xiaomi Note 3), which achieved great success in the Egyptian market.

End location phones Shawty because of the lack of support to Google applications, like Google Play, Google Maps and Gmail player songs Google browser Google Chrome and search Google, YouTube, and phones Shawty don’t support modern versions of the YouTube application, where it supports the first version of it only, which is stocked with flaws and problems.

In addition, the site says that the phones Shawty don’t support English or Arabic, and the language of the phone to Chinese automatically, and it can’t clear any application or game installed on phone but after closing the phone and opening it again after removing the app!

The website “knew me dot com” has prepared a list of phones that are not worth buying because of defects industry, was on the head phone Shawty redmi Note 2 (Xiaomi Redmi Note 2), the site said that it is not recommended to buy a phone for the final, having two manufacturing defects, the first occurrence of malfunctions in the control buttons of the device bottom of the screen, such as stopped by a sudden stop working.

The second disadvantage is the USB port or the power of the device, which the site says it will work normally at first, then starts after a period in non-response to recommendation and will not do for some reason, and that solving this problem will require changing the phone Board (Board) fully!

In a comment to one of the consumers on the product site ADSLgate, he said: “I tried Redman Galaxy Note 3.. its interface is bad.. battery performance is fickle sometimes give a day and sometimes two days.. camera is average.. it is charging slow and it takes more than 3 hours”, and added: “to have chosen the agent good when the (mean Saudi Arabia) because their Agent present what will only answer devices the old bad specifications and expensive”!

In the evaluation of TIC-Foy, criticized the policy process Shawty by Saudi Arabia, saying that Shaw has lost its position in the Chinese market, according to statistics of China – have fallen to fourth after their arrival to the first position for a brief period.

The site said that the Shawnee began to get rid of by entering non-studied for a number of markets at one time, and withdraw them without notice, they tarnished their image with their entry into the Saudi market.

Eat site TIC-Foy collaborations the wrong those in the Saudi market, and its decisions, non-fulfilment brings phones the advertisement there, the lack of a marketing budget from, and to request from the local police that cooperate with the need for marketing and dissemination of their advertising without contribution.

The site said that Shawnee lacked the obvious way to deal with it as journalists and members of the media, IT company, IT management, Public Relations, and it is difficult to get them to the information or to deny or confirm any news related to the company, and they did not complete their first year in the Saudi market, and pulled out, surprisingly fast.

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