The expert called Telegram Open Network (TON) method of withdrawal of money from Russia

A longtime supporter of Bitcoin and CEO of the canadian company BullBitcoin Francis Pouliot concerned about the lack of progress in the development of cryptocurrency draft Telegram Open Network (TON) from the developers of the famous Telegram messenger. Last year closed on the sale of tokens, the sponsors have collected 1.7 billion dollars. As previously stated, the developers, TON will include file-based storage of the blockchain, the web browser market decentralized applications and a system of transfer payments between users.

Where settled Telegram 1.7 billion dollars?

It should be noted that the initial range of coins (ICO) this project is the largest and today. After a closed sales stage, token GRAM, was scheduled for public sale. However, the company has cancelled the next stage, arguing it is too the successful completion of the closed sales.

Topic: Meet TON. How will mining the blockchain-the project of Pavel Durov.

Since then, the project TON virtually no information. Francis Palliata not entirely satisfied with this situation, and so he started to dig information. Something he managed to figure out. He shared the results on Twitter.

Test website THANK still looks.


And the regular version of the site, that is not a test, not working — says Francis.


He found only some evidence of minor progress in the development of cryptocurrency project Telegram. They include a lightweight version of the client to test network TON, the configuration file instructions for compiling and installing, steps for creating smart contracts and four of the PDF file. Pouliot absolutely sure that this indicates a lack of any progress in development.

Note that we are also versed in the subject of mining in network TON. Please read more about it in this article.

Source: 2Биткоина

And this is simply unacceptable given the enormous resources at the disposal of the project. Perhaps, the true intent of this entire blockchain sensation was that, in order to launder money?

His tweet also gathered around him a large audience. One commentator even stated that in fact the company received a lot less than 1.7 billion dollars because most of the investments — it is banal money-laundering from Russia. Supposedly investors are really just looking for an option to capital in other countries.

TON — it’s just a trick that allowed to withdraw from Russia and 1.8 billion dollars. I am sure that the team is working on something, but do not think that the money received for them in full. In this case we are talking about Russia. Probably 10-15 percent went to kickbacks.

There were also claims that 85-90 percent of the amount collected are now in offshore accounts in the virgin Islands. However, evidence for this could not be found.

Will GRAM the approval of regulators?

Source: 2Биткоина

Interestingly, the author of the book Attack of the 50 Foot Blockchain David Gerard considers the agreement on the sale of tokens GRAM is not very successful. He believes, if the Telegram simply designed wallet that allows users to send each other GRAM, the project would be successful and investors happy. Gerrard is also confident that the planned launch date in October 2019 seems very suspicious.

I do not understand in this life Telegram will be able to release something by the end of October. Moreover, in the pocket already had the approval of regulators.

Indeed, if we take into account the criticism of Poliota in terms of technical progress and doubts about Gerrard’s progress in legal matters, we can hardly expect a timely launch TON. Besides Pavel Durov remains silent and makes no representations in respect of the project. Yes, tokens Gram supposedly went on sale, but contact with them is very dangerous. We wrote about the reasons in this article.

We should not forget that Pavel Durov and his team have made one of the best messengers in the world and a large social network. He clearly values his reputation, so comments Poliota may be an exaggeration. Or a banal attempt to hypnoti on behalf of the Telegram. Any thoughts on this matter to you? Share them in our cryptodata millionaires. There and bring all to clean water.

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