The expert described the main condition under which Bitcoin will rise to a million dollars

Recently, the General Director of the Money Button Ryan X Charles has posted a video where he shared his views on the current situation of BTC. He explained that the real value of the coin – the development of the financial system, which will offer us a good digital currency. Ryan also noted that the digital money can be used worldwide. Individuals will be able to participate in trade with the law in such a way that any intermediary will not be able to block or freeze payments to his favor.

Say, someone from Venezuela can trade with someone from USA, and will no longer be intermediaries who care about only their own benefits

Next, he opened the prospects of Bitcoin in the context of coin prices. In his opinion, if Bitcoin was used as a “world currency”, it would be much easier to assess its value. Assuming that Fiat currency will remain the medium of exchange price of Bitcoin in the context of a Fiat currency can be determined by its money supply.

How to obtain a Bitcoin for a million?

He spoke about the various ways that the proposals of the US dollar, where the figure is calculated using monetary aggregates M0, M1 and M2, that is, different types of money. According to Ryan, in the case of the U.S. dollar money supply M2 is 14 trillion dollars, and with the addition of several other currencies it can be estimated at 21 trillion. He added that this 21 trillion can be divided into 21 million bitcoins, that is the maximum sentence, “designated” Protocol. If this assumption is applicable, then it is quite obvious that Bitcoin price can reach a million dollars.

Ryan notes that this is only an approximate assessment of the possible value of Bitcoin in case it is recognized world currency. In fact, the value may be higher, because while we move to this level, and growing the economy.

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