The expert explained why Google is afraid of Huawei

We already know that the sanctions that the U.S. imposed on Huawei in may this year, was not a great political move. The result may be affected not only by the Chinese side, which is already beginning to feel the effects of isolation, but also American. However, for States to cut ties with Huawei, most likely, not be confined to the loss of contracts or for government contracts, but also will result in the promised Google challenges national security.

According to Zhou Rong, a senior researcher of the Institute of Finance, “Chung Yeung” Renmin University of China, Google is one of the companies in which the rupture of relations with Huawei will impact most.

The main problem with sanctions is that in the absence of access to American technology Huawei might get ideas of import substitution and to begin to develop their own versions. And, given the financial capabilities of Huawei and the willingness of the Chinese government in every way to help the company achieve its goals, such an outcome is more than likely.

Despite the disputed logic of this statement explains Rong, but the more Huawei partners with large technology corporations, the worse for her. She can’t start developing its own technology, because it has free access to ready-made and enduring solutions. However, the desperate situation in which Huawei may be due to the strengthening of U.S. sanctions, will lead to the fact that it does not remain other exit, except how to start to develop something of their own.

Why USA is afraid of Huawei

If this happens, the US really run the risk of losing control over Huawei and, being not in forces to restrain her, actually helping her to be the new technological powerhouse. Google, in contrast to the U.S. government understands this, and therefore seek to persuade the government to leave Huawei alone and let her continue to use best practices of American companies. After all ,who knows what for the U.S. will result in a full-scale study of Huawei, which it may start in isolation.

And the consequences of the hegemony of Huawei can be the most catastrophic. In this case, the United States of losing the leader of the technological development of China, which slowly but surely goes to this title. As a result, all significant for the global it industry of the invention will appear in China, which has the potential to become more and more attractive for young it professionals of the country than the States.

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