The export feature more than the camera at the same time coming to phones iPhone old

At its conference last week, reviewed Apple’s new version of Filmic Pro iPhone 11, so that allows users to record video from several cameras simultaneously, such as recording from the front camera and the background together, or using the camera, and wide and Broad at the same time.

However, the good news is that this feature is only available on the iPhone 11, and will be available soon for the iPhone XS and iPhone XR in addition to the iPad Pro 2018, so shopping is a multi-cameras on the programming interface new apps delivered with iOS, 13 allows developers to start multiple sessions for the cameras consume less power.

Expected to be this feature is compatible with most large applications, where the company announced a new camera API, in last June, giving developers a long time to work on the introduction of the feature in their app, while the app Filmic Pro will be launched later this year.

With it, you may be recording multiple cameras includes some restrictions for iPhone XS and iPhone XR, where can only for certain groups of cameras to be active at one time, such as the rear camera and the front camera, or telephoto lens rear and front camera, or a telephoto lens the background and the main background.

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