The extent to which increased iOS system 12 in the performance and speed of your iPhone?

In the WWDC conference 18 last, Apple said that the main feature in the update iOS 12 will be the performance that has been taken care of in an unprecedented manner. A month ago we published an article –this link– to review the performance and indeed showed an improvement. Now that got the update to the final version of the notice of the majority of users that the device has become much faster. Is this a real improvement or just a notice in the graphics as said other?

إلى أي مدى زاد نظام iOS 12 في أداء وسرعة الآي فون؟

Stuck Apple charge lasting they slow down the organs and even old away from the crisis and reduce the performance of the hardware with the battery damaged, which indicated that the performance come back after the battery change. So not convinced that Apple has already improved the performance and said that it did not exceed the manipulation of the graphics to make it look faster. But this time, conspiracy theory is not true the new system is faster already the list of participating and keyboard also appear quickly not only to open applications.

Although the application of performance measurement sees a lot of specialists are not able to measure the real efficiency, but it can give you the result of the comparison of performance before and after. These are examples of performance tests conducted by some of the actors:

Team site Cult Of Mac test the speed of the application Geekbench 4 on iPhone X “the latest device that is being upgraded” and improvement in the speed of the nuclei of the multiple to become 10545 points for 10106 in iOS 12 any ratio improved 4.3% while has not seen significant improvement in the performance of the single.

Team site iAppleBytes conducted the same test on the iPhone 5s and older devices access to iOS 12 found improvement of 2% in the performance of the nuclei multiple and 1.6% in the nuclear one.

To repeat the same experience on the iPhone 7 shows access to improved 1.6% in the nuclei and 1% in the nuclear one.

He said another team conducted a test Antutu HTML5 on the iPhone 5s and improve 10% in performance after the upgrade.

Tests Team iPhone Islam

Some may complain at the foreign sites and considers that they may falsify the results in favor of Apple. So, given that the applications performance is not exclusive to anyone, so I did the test with my device iPhone SE and the beginning was with the test AnTutu He its months who loves his users of Android specifically because it is a comprehensive measurement and not just the processor. Results prior to testing in iOS 12 was as follows:

After the update to iOS 12 became

Any event improve the ability of 6528 points, or 4.3%. As Miss A performance on Dancing your iDevice iPhone SE recorded on the app

There is another test but unfortunately I forgot to do before the update is HTML5 and Miss iPhone SE facing technique 6s on the performance of the Samsung S8+

The transition to the application Geekbench 4 favorite users Apple the results were to test the kernels before the update as follows:

This results after the update to iOS 12, which appeared also improved 2.7% in the performance of the nuclear one in a while increased the performance of the nuclei of the multiple less than 1%

To change these tests were on my computer. not movable

One last word

It may seem to some to be a slight challenge which does not exceed 5% in the best conditions for performance tests, and 10% in HTML5, but these applications evaluate the performance of comprehensive testing of the processor and memory which is fixed and does not change, of course, any Apple has become better at managing the resources of the device and access the performance of the processor, memory, disaster graphics to the limits of the unprecedented. If you add a better use of resources + to improve the codes and reduce the problems this will lead to a significant improvement in speed of opening applications that we see. Remember that there is no complaints of ticket-in battery which Apple has increased the performance without decreasing battery life

What do you think about the performance of your device after upgrade to iOS 12 for? And do you feel a difference in speed after the update?


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