The Facebook app puts the dark mode under test

Although the messenger got on dark mode since the applications the company such as WhatsApp andFisk didn’t get it yet, but may be one of the lucky ones.

Facebook began to provide a dark mode a few Android users in the pilot phase of the final before the official launch of the water.. does this refers actually to near the time of his arrival already?

About two months ago, published more than anyone on the ridge to dark mode link to apply Facebook but it soon disappeared when the. During the past few days chirp accounts on Twitter that the situation came to develop Facebook.

That makes us believe the legitimacy of the images to an extent that the situation looks different from feature charging mode Dark on any app found in the Android 10. As well as the frequent leaks about the near availability of the mode to the application WhatsApp.

Recall that Instagram also got on Dark Mode a few weeks ago, but its activation requires Android 10 andiOS 13 , at least, where there are no specific options within the app, it is activated when you activate the dark mode of the system.

This on the other hand, started Facebook choose a new feature we know them as close friends (Close Friends) on Instagram, the purpose of which is to contribute to share content in more privacy.

Close friends are selected by the user, a list of not more than 10 friends can share their own content easily, including the stories of Facebook user rather than making them available for viewing, and the messages and content for each close friend individually to be dispersed from groups.

Confirmed Facebook presence of water to TechCrunch, but seems like it’s in an early stage of development and restricted without the customizing options are many, so don’t expect its arrival soon.

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Source Android Police Tech Crunch

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