The Facebook app uses the camera of an iPhone in the background! How do you prevent it?

In a new report may not surprise anyone, says that the Facebook app on iPhone spying on you grossly through the camera, even with the privacy standards “loose” network social networking the most famous, How To Spy Facebook have, and how to prevent it?

In a new report for the TNW discover the Twitter user Joshua Maddux recently, he noticed some unusual behavior on the Facebook app on his phone, iPhone, etc, I noticed that his camera was already working in the background while you browse it, see the video below. He stated that the problem did not appear only because of a bug in the current version of the Facebook application on iOS system 13.2.2.

Confirmed Maddux that he had repeated that thing on five devices iPhone other iOS 13.2.2 remained the problem exists, said the experience of the same thing on a device running iOS 12 but did not find that problem you have thus ascertained that the problem exists only on issuing iOS 13.2, and fix that problem Until have the App Open so that you can see the camera is open behind the summary or abstract of your web. And here it is clear the presence of a bug in the wallpaper app like a curtain does not cover the entire What’s behind it. Watch the video:

The website TNW also re-trade more broadly, and continue to it is not present on devices that are running iOS general terms 13.1.3, as well as an experiment on Android devices running Android 10 and found that the problem does not exist. But still the warning level it is possible to work the camera already, and you don’t see it, while Facebook is watching it.

To be fair, the most likely explanation for this, thinking that surely that company is Facebook going to kill him anyway, is that just an unintentional mistake. But the fact that Facebook can enable the camera of the iPhone, without the owner’s knowledge, is sad and shameful too from Apple because it’s supposed to discover group of the Test own to this problem, and agrees to the issuance of the application as it is even after knowing the gap did not stop the app from the App Store until the update.

That reassured a little he is likely to run the camera does not record anything and post on Facebook, but don’t we use the probability flow that export servers Facebook to achieve them.

We have experience of the application of FaceBook on iOS 13.2 did not show the problem, so maybe show up in the iOS 13.2.2

How can I prevent Spy Facebook this?

Fortunately, the Apple itself is one of the more companies being aware of privacy, so they provide tools to control the privacy so that the company Facebook itself is not available to a way to overcome them.

In short, this is a problem only if you have given Facebook access to the camera at the level of the iOS. Thus, Facebook is able to turn on the camera and see anything through them. If you grant access to Facebook the camera won’t run the camera in background and not in others.

If you have enabled Facebook access the camera already, you can still stop it easily:

  • Open the Settings app
  • Scroll down and click Privacy
  • Click on the camera
  • Look for the setup of your Facebook, then click the Key icon next to it to turn it off.

While in this Section, take a look at other applications that are granted by the then access to camera iPhone; the app can have access to score you a secret, unlike the MacBook, the iPhone, and an iPad doesn’t need to index additional LED to notify you when the camera is turned.

May be the disable access to camera for Facebook is a little annoying, you won’t be able to capture images or record videos or broadcast live directly in the Facebook application. Instead of giving him access to the camera, take photos or record video clips using the standard camera application in iPhone, then open the Facebook upload what you want on Facebook from the camera menu itself.

As a keener, you can always follow the advice of the director of the FBI James Comey and the status bar on camera he did it, Mark Zuckerberg himself, from his habit he puts the bar on cameras and his equipment, and this is enough to make you think about protecting yourself and taking precautions the whole by foot on the use of such applications.

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