The Facebook app uses the camera of the iPhone without the user’s knowledge

The iPhone is not immune to the problem of privacy on what it looks like, where it turns out that the application Facebook is running the camera without the user’s knowledge while using it.

Have alerted Joshua Maddox to suspicious behavior determines the application of Facebook on iOS, when you notice that the camera is running in the background while browsing the app.

The problem associated with other problems appeared in application of Facebook when you use it, so you may notice users of the iPhone to the screen of the “latest news” does not appear in full, and on the left is something else, and so you know Maddox to run the camera application in the background while browsing Facebook.

The problem started they appear after update Facebook recent (v246) on iOS, which came in turn to fix another problem, which is launching the application in horizontal mode instead of vertical, where the confirmed Facebook that the problem of operating the camera from the app itself, and that it “did not raise any pictures or videos because of this error”.

This confirmed the Maddox that the problem does not only exist on the iOS version 13.2.2, and no on iOS 12 or even iOS general terms 13.1.3, as confirmed site TNW that it does not exist on Android.

And the temporary solution, it seems that the Facebook app cannot access the camera if you cancel the validity of the app access the camera from your privacy settings. As we appeal to iPhone users quickly update to the Facebook app when a new update is available.

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