The Facebook application gets the feature posts audio, and archived stories, and more

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Facebook announced today that it has added three new features to their main application which will help users to ” create and save memories ” more effectively. Features include new posts acoustic ” Voice Posts“, the archive of the story ” Stories Archive“, as well as new features for cloud storage.

Users will be able to who takes the pictures or videos using the camera within the Facebook application to access features of the cloud storage new. Will give them the option to save photos and videos directly on their account on Facebook. This will help users who Own smart phones low, which include a limited amount of memory storage to keep more of the storage space empty on their devices.

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All photos and videos that are saved on the camera to facebook will be visible only to the user after the login to facebook. He can then select any of the items that he wants posted on his account. I didn’t say Facebook if there are any limits to the option of cloud storage.

The camera application on Facebook also got on the sound option ” Audio ” which can be used to share voice messages as participants voice. This feature helps users to quickly interact with their friends and family in their native language without having to install keyboards. And will not even require a typing skill of the users in the language in which they can control easily.

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As I mentioned the Facebook network it will make the archive feature in the coming weeks, a feature that will help users to save Facebook stories that they want to maintain. Facebook has said that these new features will be released to users in India first before it is made available to users in all around the world.



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