The Facebook just this year to remove more than 1.5 million fake account


In the period from April to September of this year, the network Facebook to remove about 1.5 million fake account of the social network and delete 2.1 million content unwanted.

The Facebook company to disclose these figures are interesting as part of the report, the Community Standards Report, issued by the company recently. The report notes how Facebook with issues such as nudity, adults, and the letters of hatred, propaganda of terrorism, violent content, accounts fake. According to Facebook, many of the fake accounts are the direct result of the cyber attack.

I’ve improved the social network significantly in the identification of inappropriate content which violates the company’s policies even before his participation by the users and reporting. According to Facebook, has been dealing with 95.9 percent of the offending content by reporting it.

Subject Facebook for continuous monitoring in relation to the news false and counterfeit. As you know, also a lot of criticism because of the security breach last know its not the network, which affected more than 50 million accounts.



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