The facial recognition system for the first time identified the culprit with fake documents

On our portal we repeatedly wrote about face recognition system, and that some of them work quite successfully. And more recently, the algorithm has again helped people to identify the offender in one of the airports in the U.S., the facial recognition system has identified the man who tried to use a fake passport.

As reported by the Verge, the facial recognition system installed at the international airport of Washington, during a passport control flight, arrived from France, has identified the intruder who wanted to enter the territory of the United States on forged documents. The fact that the passport of the citizen of France gives the right of entry into the United States without a visa, however, comparing the passport photograph with the appearance of the men, a neural network has discovered a discrepancy and reported it to the border and immigration.

In the course of further actions it became clear that the offender is a citizen of the Congo (during the search, he even found the passport of that country). Moreover, some time ago a US court decision, he was deported from the country without right to enter and a visa for the next 20 years. The reasons for this zeal of the citizen on the territory of the North American States were not reported, however, given the success of the system of recognition of persons, the US authorities have stated that this system will be implemented at all airports in the country. Now it is running in test mode only at airports in Washington and new York.

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