The facial recognition technology examines Chinese students every 30 seconds

It seems that China today ahead of the entire planet, if we talk about monitoring its own citizens. Not so long ago we talked about the special sensors that monitor the mood of workers at the enterprises. Today will tell about the technology of face recognition which is used for tracking of high school students in Hangzhou.

Every 30 seconds, the face detection technology captures faces of students who are in classrooms of high school № 11 in Hangzhou. The task of technology is to determine the mood of each student. She klassificeret state as happy, angry, scared, embarrassed or upset. In addition, the system records the actions of the students and understand when they write, read, meet the teacher, or sleeping during class.

This tracking system is primarily used to improve the efficiency of the educational process, but it also helps to prevent possible incidents in schools.

It is worth noting that student data are secure. The system does not store snapshots of the classrooms. In addition, all data is stored locally and not go to the cloud.

Perhaps not every student will like the fact that he was being watched every 30 seconds, but there are also tangible benefits of using the system of facial recognition for them. For example, students are not required to carry any ID or card. The facial recognition system works in the school cafeteria and the library.

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