The facilities of the Australian lists the 90 GB of information from Apple

مراهق استرالي يسرق 90 جيجا بايت من المعلومات الخاصة من آبلKnow the facilities of the Australian city of Melbourne to trial, after he hacked into the servers of Internet buy Apple TV, several times throughout the entire year, the Art Newspaper News The Australian The Age.

Has the teenager seized a total of 900 in bytes, of the security information user accounts of the company, but until the moment not clear any section that has been hacked exactly. Said the lawyer to the defendant that his client did the deed out of love, he needs company and loves the work.

The police raid on his parents ‘ home, confiscated my computer, laptop and telephone in addition to a hard disk, and revealed his possession a quantity of stolen files and information reserved in the file labeled clearly as ” hacking”.

Has admitted the accused to plead guilty before the court, and is awaiting trial next month, and don’t think this is the first time that Apple has been hacked, and income for their own, the most famous was the process of the hacked iCloud accounts of Celebrities, artists, and dissemination of images of scandalous to them.

Not bonded to be a teenager, the Australian has been able to register for an account and iCloud also, during the process of compromised certain aspects of the internal company.

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