The failed NASA telescope will resume this week

On the pages of our website we already wrote you that one of the telescopes, the us space Agency NASA called “Chandra” has recently crashed. It was not clear what will happen with the machine on. Nominated even the assumption that the telescope will no longer work, however, as it became known, NASA engineers managed to cope with the failure and if all goes well, Chandra will be back this week.

Recall that the x-ray telescope “Chandra” has moved into “safe mode” due to problems with one of the gyroscopes located on Board. Now, on assurances of engineers that are members of the group to resolve the problem with the telescope, work on repairs almost finished.

“At the moment the team for flight operations completed the testing and simulation procedures, updates flight software, which will allow the telescope to move to the use of a spare gyroscope. The gyro, which was the cause of the incident, will now become a backup. Now data is collected on how the device responds to the commands by maneuvering. And, if the tests are successful, Chandra will go back to work.”

Despite the shutdown of one of the gyroscopes, the x-ray telescope, NASA has maintained its course and return to operation should not disrupt further operation of the device.

It is also worth to remember the history of another legendary telescope “Hubble”. He also recently moved to the “standby” due to a fault. Now the space Agency experts are busy finding solutions to problems, but they are confident that “Hubble” will also be returned to service soon.

Both telescopes launched in the framework of the “Large Observatory” and still functioned well, in contrast to their “colleagues” telescopes “Compton” and “Spitzer”. The first was de-orbited in 2000, and the second retained only partial capacity for work, establishing the entire stock of hudgena in 2009.

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