The famous actor Robert Downey Jr wants to organize the world using nanotechnology

Robert Downey Jr

Buy the famous actor Robert Downey Jr filmed the inventor genius and billionaire the amazing Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the movie series Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now it seems that he uses his fame to increase awareness of the problem that affects us all, namely the pollution of the world, but seems to have a solution to this problem.

During the Amazon Re:Mars, announced the actor Robert Downey Jr for the formation of a new organization called the Footprint Coalition. It is expected to launch this officially in the year 2020 that will aim to assist in the organization of the world using nanotechnology. According to Mr. Robert Downey Jr, it is considered that through the use of appropriate technology, we can clean up the planet within 10 years.

Unfortunately, I didn’t reveal to us Robert Downey Jr for any additional details about the product and how it will exactly clean up the planet regardless of mentioned nano-technology, so we have to wait just. It should be noted that this is not the first time that seemed possible interest in technology, he along with his wife Susan Downey to produce a documentary series about artificial intelligence on YouTube to explain the type of effect that is expected to occur this technology on our lives.

Having said that, it has become the official website of the organization Footprint Coalition is now available on the web, but at the moment, containing only the schedule for subscription to be able to persons of the subscription and notify them of future events.

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