The famous scientist spoke sharply about the idea of terraforming Mars

Talk about the possibility of terraforming Mars to walk for a long time. We all understand that now humanity has no technologies that could not afford it. However, in scientific and pseudo-scientific environment, there are people who are convinced that such technologies we may have in the future. Of course, there are those who believe the whole idea was madness. Take the well-known American science educator bill Nighy, who in a recent interview with USA TODAY spoke very sharply about the idea of terraforming the red planet.

In his opinion, those who think about the possibility of turning the red planet into an inhabitable place for mankind, probably, “sit on hard drugs”.

“The whole idea of terraforming Mars… I try to be very tactful, but those who are such offers, are you guys on drugs?”, — has declared in conversation with journalists Naya.

“We cannot even take care of his home planet, the place in which we live today, an area ideal for living. And you’re talking about another planet.”

Naya is a highly respected science educator, so his opinion really can have weight in the scientific community. For those who are not convinced of his rightness, the scientist there are several arguments explaining the “delusional” the idea.

“This is very unwise. First, because it is very cold. Second, there is almost no water. Thirdly, there is absolutely no food and most of all, there is nothing to breathe.”

Beat Naya is not alone in his opinions. Not less famous is also an astrophysicist and science popularizer Neil Degrasse Tyson also believes that any plans associated with how to turn Mars into a habitable place for humanity – a solid nonsense. Scientist agree, that people will one day be able to fly to Mars, but only through short visits. Stay the same to live there – complete nonsense.

In turn, in the camp of the supporters of the idea of terraforming the red planet, too, are big names. Take the head of the company SpaceX Elon musk or the famous physicist Stephen Hawking, who until his death believed that mankind must begin to find a new home or it runs the risk of disappearing completely due to many reasons (war, famine, climate change, and so on). According to the Mask and Hawking, we must make every effort to find “Earth 2.0”. And if not found, then create one yourself. In this case, humanity will be “a fallback” and it will become a truly interplanetary species.

Despite its finality, in an interview with bill Nighy also added that he was confident that people will be able to go to Mars for his research, but not life. Who knows, maybe in the framework of these studies will be discovered something that would turn a hardened scientific skeptic to a supporter of the ideas discussed?

Which camp do you belong? Will mankind to terraforming Mars in the future or is it solid science fiction that it will remain? To discuss this with you in our Telegram chat.

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