The fastest phone in the world Redmi K20 Pro clinch the title of the OnePlus 7 Pro !

Published AnTuTu last month’s list as fast as 10 Android phones in the world, has been ranked the first flagship OnePlus 7 Pro with chipset Snapdragon 855 and his representative with a frequency of 90 Hz, but Shaw has a different opinion.

In a surprise to buy a OnePlus account posted Redman official Twitter test results phone Redmi K20 Pro, which was launched by the company within China has not been launched globally yet.

And was able to phone to register 388803 on the site AnTuTu has become the fastest phone in the world currently exceeding the OnePlus 7 Pro achieved 373953 point last month.

 Redmi K20 Pro ينتزع اللقب من OnePlus 7 Pro

Redmi K20 Pro clinch the title of the OnePlus 7 Pro

Depends Redmi K20 Pro on the same chipset Snapdragon 855, but it uses the screen of a 1080p screen, instead of Quad HD in 7 Pro, which had no role when calculating the points, to control phones Shawty different for first and second place and fourth in the list.

It should be noted that the Redman K20 Pro is the cheapest phone in the world with the chipset Snapdragon 855, to be the true successor for Boca F1 flagship, I will be launching the phone globally in the coming days under different names in several regions.

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