The fastest way to find your iPhone lost or stolen

The moment you realize that your iPhone has been lost or what’s worse is that might have been stolen, that moment you realize the amount of information that is stored on your phone in view for including images, video clips, credit card and other important information, as the loss of the iPhone means the existence of a replacement phone is expensive, There are steps you can take to help minimize the risk of loss of the phone including the use of the service of Find My iPhone which help you to recover your phone iPhone lost but we have to make sure of setting a passcode and enable the feature Find My iPhone so you get the best chance to recover your phone.

Be prepared

Set a passcode

If you think that a Face ID or Touch ID is not a necessary step when using the iPhone, you’re wrong., where is set a passcode and use your fingerprint to protect all of your information is important, and to improve the pass code we do the following steps:

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Click on the Face ID.
  3. Click on the passcode and follow the instructions to even download your information to a stranger.

Make sure to activate Find My iPhone

Feature Find My iPhone

After you do set up a passcode check the operation of the feature Find My iPhone must be enabled by default but should be verified by:

  1. Access to the settings.
  2. Click on your name at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose iCloud and then scroll down and look for Find My iPhone click on it to make sure you do it.

Take advantage of the Joint Family Family Sharing

Not only the role of the Family Sharing to save money when you allow your family members to install a paid app on multiple devices, but are integrated with the service Find My iPhone which enables you to display all the ID with family members, making it easy for you to search for the iPhone lost once you realize it is missing.

Creating good habits

The best way to maintain the security of your phone especially when you travel is to be careful of strangers in the case of lost your phone don’t panic just take a deep breath and then remember to use the Find My iPhone.

Restore iPhone lost

Rely on Find My iPhone

Rely on Find My iPhone

Each ios device is a feature of Find My iPhone in settings of the system and once you find out you lost your phone the first thing you should do is visit of the computer.

If you are not near a computer you can access Find My iPhone through the device of a friend or a family member and login to the application Find My iPhone.

In the case of your access to the Find My iPhone is necessary to log in to the same iCloud account associated with iPhone’s lost, after logging in you can select your phone from the devices list to view its current location if the phone is locked it will display the last known location.

When you view the location of the device you have to click on the option of Actions from the bottom of the screen and then select Lost Mode and you will be prompted to enter your phone number and the message that will appear on the lock screen of your phone to help return the phone, if not set a passcode on the phone you will be prompted when you activate the mode to The Lost Mode from the create a passcode.

When you activate the option Lost Mode will lock your device and prevent the appearance of messages on the lock screen with the Continue track the location of your phone and the phone is able to display incoming calls.

The option of Lost Mode

Will disable any credit card tied to the phone and retrieve the phone you will need to enter the passcode that you created when you enable Lost Mode, then sign in to your iCloud account to create.

I don’t agree a thief

If you are able to access where your phone iPhone lost then faced the thief alone and you hire the cops requested to help them to walk in the face alone you know you to harm.

Network connectivity problem network mobile

If you are unable to restore your phone you have to contact the service provider mobile network you have and the site does not and will be barred from working on the network rendering the phone useless, but when you do that step you won’t be able to track the phone only if it is connected to Wi-Fi so you have to suspend the service when you’re sure you’re just not able to retrieve the phone.

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