The fastest way to share link from the case to the phone

Send texts and files via messaging applications available to match the phones are a good way to watch them, but not the best way if you rely on the Chrome browser and want to share a link to your phone.

Google Chrome browser is the most popular, in use by more than 70% of internet users around the world, so it is likely to benefit from this service if you are a user of Android relies on the Chrome browser in the address on the bus.

This service is available as an experimental feature at the moment, but can be activated from the settings of the Flag hidden in the Chrome, and the steps are as follows:

1 – open the Chrome browser on a bus and went to the link chrome://flags/.

2 – Enter “Send tab to self” in the search box, and click on the list of Default and select Enabled.

3 – prepared the launch of a web browser, you will see the option “Send to device name” in list that appears when you click on the right button in the web site .. that shows all the device registered to the same Gmail account of the user on the browser.

4 – when you choose to send a link to the specific phone, will link immediately as a notification from Google Chrome to phone.

An alternative solution – a tool Pushbullet

Available Pushbullet keep for Android phones and iPhone, and is available as an addendum to months web browsers on computers including Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

After registration on the app and add the same account, it only takes two clicks to send any electronic link from the case to the phone; just right-click while you browse any website and select choice of Pushbullet, then the name of the device, and will link through seconds of phone connection to the internet.

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