The FBI request a secret get consumer data from credit agencies

Revealed documents released recently that the FBI had called a secret for years from the credit agencies big American vast amounts of financial information, and consumer and special Americans.

It uses the FBI regularly these legal powers – known as national security letters – to force the Giants credit on the delivery information such as: records of the procurement and sites, which are necessary by the agency in investigations of national security. But these messages have no judicial oversight usually made about the speaker on it, which prevents the recipient from disclosing the request to anyone else – including the target person out.

And reveals only a small number of technology companies, including: Facebook, Google, Microsoft, on receiving a letter or more national security letters. Since the law changed in 2015 in the wake of the leaks of former contractor with the National Security Agency American NSA (Edward Snowden), which revealed the scope of surveillance operations carried out by the American government, has allowed the recipients to petition the FBI to the provisions of the adaptation, and dissemination of the accounts with the revisions.

The company used the technical “transparency reports” to inform users of government requests your data. But the university data Key others, such as credit agencies, failed to publish its figures in full.

And sent the three of US lawmakers: Democrats (Ron Wyden) and(Elizabeth Warren) and Republicans (Rand Paul), letters to the Equifax, and Experian, and TransUnion, they express “concern” about the cause of the failure of the Giants of the credit to disclose the number of government demands for consumer data that they receive.

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She said the letters: “because your company contain a lot of sensitive data on a lot of Americans this information is gathered without the consent of those individuals, you are responsible for transparency in how you deal with this data”. She added: “unfortunately, did not submit your company information to policy makers or the public on the type or number of the disclosures made by the FBI”.

The number of national security letters that were issued to the credit agencies since the signing of the legal powers in 2001. The New York Times: the National Security Letters to credit agencies was “a small part, but a simple” the total half a million applications released by the FBI until now.

Documentation revealed that the banks and other financial institutions, as well as universities and providers of telephone services and the internet, were the targets of the plan of accounts of national security.

And gave the Senators the agency until 27 December to reveal the number of requests received by each of them.

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