The FCC imposed heavy fines on telecommunications companies of America due to the sale of location data their customers


In early February, I wrote the FCC a FCC a letter to the U.S. Congress, where she explained that there are ” one or more ” of telecommunications companies America big sell data to their customers ‘ sites for some agencies. The discovery of this practice in the beginning in the year 2018, since it started the Federal Trade Commission to move to prevent those companies to enjoy it.

Already, yesterday, Friday, revealed to the FCC that they will issue a fine worth 208 million USD for all telecommunications companies of the American Big Four. Will be fined a company T-Mobile $ 91 billion, and AT&T by about $ 57 million dollars, while will be fined Verizon by about $ 48 million dollars, and Sprint by about 12 million USD. Currently, these are the fines of the proposed building on the achievement of the FCC..

Open FCC inquiries after news that the telecommunications companies of America were selling location data of their customers without their consent. Services found on the site, Securus provided information about inmates to the authorities, but the service started in selling information to other parties more obscure for reasons outside the original intent.

Fines and allegations proposed in the letter today is not final. According to the letter, will be granted telecommunications companies of America an opportunity to respond to these allegations before the entry into force of the fines proposed.

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