The Federal Trade Commission accusing Facebook of leaking health data users

I’ve been submitting a complaint to the Federal Trade Commission FTC)) against Facebook on the data from leaking sensitive health of the users.

I have filed this complaint in the beginning in the month of January this year, was publicly released today. And this complaint on the company Facebook has to disclose health data to users in one of the gated communities.

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And note this problem for the first time in the month of July, when I find out the members of a group of women about how easy it is to download names and their email addresses, either manually or via add-ons browser Chrome, and at the time of the alleged Facebook it has introduced some changes to prevent such practices.

However, the complaint highlights how the ease of sharing health information is sensitive and personal, and that a violation of the law, which is a serious problem in the privacy on Facebook.

According to the complaint, the Facebook has ignored requests for repair problems that have been identified, and he denied having any problem.


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