The Federal Trade Commission came under pressure to dismantle Facebook and stiff fines against

Facebook company

Suffered Facebook of hard times following the scandal privacy and called the name of the Cambridge Analytica, but it seems that Facebook didn’t out of the woods fully yet. In fact, it turns out that some of the groups major legal request of the Federal Trade Commission to take strict action against the largest social network in the world, including the imposition of stiff fines on the company as a punishment for the abuse take advantage of its position in the market.

Invited many advocacy groups such as the Open Market Institute, Color Of Change and the Electronics Privacy Information Center, the Federal Trade Commission recently for significantly in the way Facebook works. Match these groups to fine Facebook fine of up to several billion dollars, and make adjustments comprehensive mechanism of recruitment used by Facebook, and even the dismantling of the company.

You see groups like the Open Market Institute, Color Of Change, he should be fined Facebook amount up to two million dollars, and it must be stripped of the ownership of WhatsApp and Instagram because of its failure in protecting data and users on this product also.

And one of these groups : ” the sanctions and reforms take my recent actions required by the commission “. However, it is still not clear whether the Federal Trade Commission’s do what I suggested that advocacy groups for freedom of expression and Privacy. Moreover, it has been the closure of the Federal Trade Commission is currently, where the demobilization of temporary staff due to the closure of the government. Didn’t know Facebook on this until now.


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