The File Manager app from Shao gets dark mode and shortcuts to the app

The company launched the Shawty dark mode at the system level in Version 10 of the program, MIUI own, but the company is still in the process of dimming all of its applications.

The latest applications which I got the dark mode is Manager application files to our “File Manager”, with the presence of other additives obtained by the application.

تطبيق مدير الملفات من شاومي يحصل على الوضع المظلم واختصارات التطبيقThe File Manager app from Shao gets dark mode and shortcuts to the application

On the other hand, holds that the update version number File Manager V1-190621, and the option to activate Dark Mode in the side menu.

And when you run it you will get full interface to color dark gray too (# 202020) with white text.

Will be applied to the situation of the dark tabs, settings and browser different file and everything.

Also new in this update is the sorting options and the ability to create a folder when in the Storage tab.

It also has a File Manager now application shortcuts, so that with this feature you can do the following without having to open the app:

  • Quickly jump to the tab organization.
  • Quickly jump to the mark to browse the storage space.
  • Check the favorite.
  • To start the search.

And of course you can access these shortcuts, press the constant on the icon the app will display a popup to download these useful shortcuts.

You can press again and hold on these shortcuts to put it on the main screen, which make access much faster.

It also provided the update of a package of reforms the General Assembly, on the head to fix the problem that made the icons larger than necessary, in addition to a range of improvements to performance in response to the application as a whole.

Finally, update the File Manager up gradually to Android users, you can go to his page on the store Google Play, to verify the arrival or the lack of it, or simply download the file. the APK update from here.

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