The final version of the flying taxi VoloCity

Remember the movie “the Fifth element” where Bruce Willis plays the role of the driver of a flying taxi? I’m sure many who watched this Comedy Thriller dreamt of soaring above the ground the cars have existed in reality. Well, the scenes that were shown in the film, slowly becoming part of everyday life. At least, active development of the flying taxi happening in the US and Germany. A special success makes the German company Volocopter — recently she told me what machines will be capable of transporting people and will look like the landing site.


The aircraft received the name VoloCity and fully comply with the requirements of the European aviation safety Agency (EASA). Before you submit the final version, the company has for several years had three test option. They all performed more than 1000 pre-flight, during which the engineers revealed their weaknesses. In the fourth version of VeloCity they have been corrected and now the company is confident that these vehicles will carry passengers when they will officially launch the taxi service.

Flying taxi VoloCity

Externally, the device VoloCity like a helicopter, but instead of one screw it is equipped with 18 rotors — with this design, the device emits less noise. I think those two people who can fit in the cabin of the compact camera will be very grateful to his silent work. Also, they will surely enjoy the relatively short time of flight — according to the company, the vehicles can accelerate to 110 kilometers per hour. Disappoint can only be one thing — on a single charge the device can be overcome only 35 kilometers.

The development of the flying taxi takes even the Russian company “KAMAZ”

When the flying taxi?

The company has not yet named the date for the official launch of the taxi service. However, she had already planned the testing apparatus to the end of 2019 in Singapore. Probably, if the device proves its security, the company will be able to obtain authorization to perform passenger flights and will finally launch the long awaited service. Although, companies still need to work on the construction of runways called VoloPorts. Next to them will be comfortable building where passengers can wait for their aircraft.

The waiting place flying taxi

Perhaps the company Volocopter can be an example for other organizations, she developed her idea in a relatively short period of time. In company she appeared in 2011 and throughout its history attracted more than 35 million euros. They liked the idea even representatives from Intel, whose processors are installed in billions of desktops and laptops worldwide.

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Flying taxi Uber

The same pace of development can boast except that the us company Uber, which is also engaged in the creation of a flying taxi. In 2018, she presented a prototype of its aircraft and announced that the first passenger flights will be performed in 2020. In contrast to the German taxi VoloCity, the American version is more similar to a huge quadcopter. At the same time, in the cabin can fit four passengers.

Flying taxi Uber

Probably the group flights will cost passengers less. It seems that in the future all sorts of services for travelers there will be a section with fans and air taxi. What do you think? Write in the comments.

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