The financier who predicted the crisis of 2008, advised to buy Bitcoin

Glen Goldman has established himself as the man who managed to enrich themselves fabulously during the financial crisis of 2008. Then the financier has successfully shorted the stock drop on the stock market, which brought him 100 thousand euros from the initial investment in the amount of 3 thousand dollars. Now Goldman spoke about the new opportunities to earn — Bitcoins.

Today the main cryptocurrency is trading at $ 8727, over the past day, its price rose by 0.5 percent, and the capitalization increased to 154 billion dollars.

Why should we invest in Bitcoin?

Recall Satoshi Nakamoto launched the project almost in the midst of the financial crisis. Goldman analyzed a huge amount of information that has accumulated over the years of the stock market. The analyst insists that this industry provides huge opportunities for investors.

The market capitalization of hundreds of billions of dollars emerged literally out of nothing in just one decade. Thanks to him, some earned a huge fortune. Others, of course, lost a lot of money. As with any new market, there were a lot of UPS and downs, but most of them still to come.

To demonstrate the growth of Bitcoin often resort to reference to the first commercial transaction involving cryptocurrencies. We will remind, on may 22, 2010 American programmer Laszlo Haniz paid 10 thousand BTC for two pizzas. Now their value is estimated at 87.4 million dollars.

Goldman recommends to hurry up and “grab Bitcoin in both hands”. Cryptocurrency is already the most profitable asset in 2019, just a few months its value increased by almost three times.

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