The first appearance of card fees RTX 2080 Super from Nvidia and version in July


We may transfer Our to you experience earlier the intention of the company Nvidia, a giant of technology and the graphic cards in the card issuance fee new building on the architecture of Turing and cards RTX graphic, the new cards add the word Super and as the name indicates, they provide better performance than current cards.

The site Videocardz, the famous and the jurisdiction of the new lining is made RTX 2080 Super and provides the first picture of her on the web, and according to reports, it will clarify the information for these cards in the 2 next July, with the impending launch on 9 July cards RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2070 Super, and launch another by the end of the month Card RTX 2080 Super. Media got their cards already and they may be leaking some of the details at any time.

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