The first attempt to move closer to the asteroid Ryugu failed

The website of the Japanese space Agency (JAXA) reports that the trial attempt to bring together the machine “Hayabusa-2” with the surface of the asteroid, the Ryuga was a failure. The reason, as indicated in the message, the low reflectivity of the surface of the asteroid. Because of this, the lidar spacecraft was not able to correctly determine the distance to the surface of the object. Mission, engineers are going to review the feature of the operation of the device, and then try to bring the camera with Ryuga.

From 10 to 12 September, the Japanese probe “Hayabusa-2” held a trial Terrian Ryugu. However, reaching a height of 600, which is much higher than the planned lower point of convergence with the surface electronics of the machine suddenly stopped the descent, and then gave the probe team again to gain altitude and move away from Ryugu.

As stated on the website space Agency, a laser altimeter (lidar) spacecraft was unable to determine the correct distance between the probe and the surface of the asteroid. Lidar measures distances using reflected from the surface of the object laser beam. A possible reason for the failure of convergence test is the low reflectivity of the surface of the Ryuga, the website of the Agency.

At the moment the unit is in fully working condition and is returned to the main 20-km orbit around the asteroid. Next, the team plans to revise the running procedure, and the parameters of operation of the laser altimeter.

We will remind that onboard “Hayabusa-2” there are four level system: three mini-Rover MINERVA-II, and the lander MASCOT. In addition, the researchers want to shoot the surface of the asteroid Ryugu bursting shell, and then collect samples of soil and send them to the Ground.

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