The first audio samples of the camera of the Huawei dead 20 Pro

I knew Huawei P20 Pro camera tri – super sound clarity and detail, add a camera Pixel 2XL in regular photography and rights to all the competitors in the night photography, no doubt that camera phones dead 20 tripartite will be when the hopes of the audience after the addition of the wide-angle lens advantages new we use samples of photos we’ve taken ourselves in the tic-Foy.

Come dead 20 Pro Camera background of the three: camera 40 maps wide (Wide Angele) and 20 maps wide-angle wide (Ultra Wide Angle), 8 maps, close up to 3 times, and without further prolonging, here are the sound samples:

1) Super Micro

One of the features that we haven’t seen in a phone before, is close-up photography as the “Super Micro”, that is, during use of the application of camera phones dead 20, consistent with the water automatically when you are rounding with your phone camera of the imaged objects up to 2.5 cm to show Detail clear.

2) even

Thanks to the feature of HiVision, which come as part of the interface 9 EMUI, for dead 20 view information about the scene that your camera sees, whether landmark or public place or food or animals, and you can also search for the product that you see the camera on the e-stores, as well as the use of the camera in the translated texts.

3) the insulation very different

Some of the advantages that come with performance improvements in dead 20 is the effect of the Booker or what is known to isolate the background to focus on a certain element in the picture.

4) normal export


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