The first batch of Xiaomi phone Mi9 implemented in a matter of seconds, the demand exceeds the supply

Xiaomi Mi9

Been officially announced Xiaomi phone Mi9 in the middle of last week in China, and yesterday the company Xiaomi introduced the first batch of this phone for sale in her native. The presentation of this defense for sale at exactly ten o’clock in the morning local time, and buy all units within 53 seconds, at least that’s what has been confirmed by the Chinese company in its account official on the social network of Chinese Weibo.

The phone comes Xiaomi Mi9 with three cameras in the back Strictly 48 megapixels camera core, the sensor of fingerprints on the screen, and design. Although the company did not announce the number of units sold, but we are sure they are many, but the demand was higher than supply.

Xiaomi Mi9 was among the first smartphones equipped with the processor Snapdragon 855 in the world, and all the reviews primary found that this phone offers amazing performance and a beautiful design too. It should be noted that can buy this phone from the Chinese App Store or through the official website to buy Xiaomi Online –

If you are in Europe, and exactly in Spain or Italy or France, you can already order this phone already aware that it will start shipping 6G/64GB version of the phone later this week.


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