The first computer folding

Despite the fact that Samsung and Huawei have had a swim in the world of industry setups portable folding, despite the problems that accompanied the Galaxy Fold, such as the date marketed around the world and what has called scandal Samsung. But it did not stop at these two companies.

Lenovo didn’t be late in catching up with this technology and may have learned a lesson from the mistakes of others, where the recent announcement of the first personal computer folding in the world.

Thinkpad X1 of line is to replace this technical screen type OLED from LG measuring 13.3 inch and accurately display 2K ratio 4: 3.
As the promo video for this device and the method of data entry that relies on a virtual keyboard in addition to its support for foreign keys. We will find great ease in dealing with this new product.

Lenovo this device is the first step on the way to industrial setups collapsible and take on the task of development and further improvements to it in the coming days.


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