The first drop test OnePlus Nord has shown, how easy is it to break and scratch

When you buy a new smartphone, I want to know about it not only that is told from the stage at presentation and very sweetly painted in promotional materials, but something else. For example, it is always interesting, broken expensive camera, if you fall on asphalt, concrete, parquet, carpet and so on. Or get scratched whether it’s in my pocket with coins and keys. One may say that those who are on camera breaks new smartphones, loafers, but thanks to them, we know what awaits us after purchase. And now, almost immediately after the release of a new OnePlus Nord has information about what to expect in the event of his fall and other ”acts of vandalism”.

This phone is good. But as it resists damage?

Drop test OnePlus Nord

Most often, these tests appear on we all know the YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once. This time he was one of the first to get submitted last week, OnePlus Nord and subjected it to all my most stringent tests, which are for any smartphone, there are no exceptions.

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The smartphone will go on mass sale in some European countries August 4 for the price of 400 euros. Inside he’s okay and it can be considered one of the best devices for your money, if not the best. That’s just Zack Nelson more interested in what’s outside than what’s inside. He has already prepared their sharpened knives and flaming lighters in order to run.

The phone is ready for execution.

The video can be found on the YouTube channel jerryrigeverything once or just to see it in the box below. We just analyze the actions of the famous blogger in the text and understand whether to deal with this smartphone.

How strong is the case for the new OnePlus Nord

To classify the stability of any subject to scratching, it is customary to use the Mohs scale. It shows how durable is the item on a ten point scale, where 0 corresponds to the strength of graphite, and 10 is already the diamond. On this scale a new smartphone match the level of hardness of 6. This is a typical value for glass Gorilla Glass 5, which covered both sides of the OnePlus Nord.

The screen resists scratches.

Even if applied in place of a fingerprint scanner a few deep scratches, it still continues to define the finger and to correctly unlock your smartphone. This is important, because it will be a shame if such a damage to incapacitate most important function of smartphone.

What smartphones is to compare the OnePlus Nord who suffer from it

In the fall the plastic part of the body (side frame) is highly scratch and talk about the beautiful appearance will not have to. But Zach Nelson said that the buttons and SIM card tray are made of metal. Tactilely, it feels much nicer than just plastic.

The side faces of the plastic and that’s bad.

As for the screen, the standard test jerryrigeverything once with a lighter smartphone has not passed. Usually, when on the screen for a few seconds is the exposure to open fire, it appears a black spot, which disappears in a few seconds. AMOLED screen with a refresh rate of 90 Hz is not returned to the original state in contrast to the conventional LCD matrixes.

The screen will not burn, but the work will be bad.

When bending the smartphone in General was not injured, but very much deformed. That is to carry it in your back pocket you can, but more aggressive, it is better not to provide. The most vulnerable point in the event of excessive bending will screen panel (not glass) and thin places of the frame next to the buttons.

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How to protect your phone from damage

It is important to understand that the damage to the smartphone, like a fingerprint — it is difficult to find two identical. Any fall leaves its mark. Bloggers only check the integrity of the case and its appearance, but when you drop a smartphone without visible defects to suffer very much. For example, from deformation during the impact can crack on the motherboard, or fall off the subtle contact or trail. In the end, with a completely normal appearance you will receive a smartphone that will slow or he, for example, will not work Wi-Fi. It should definitely be kept in mind when buying a device ”with hands”. This is what I was told separately in a previous article.

So bend the phones, but it seems like work.

If you think whether to use case with a new smartphone and tape up whether its a screen film, remember, how many times have you dropped it lately. If the number of times tends to zero, then strongly you should not bother. Modern screens, especially if they are covered with Gorilla glass 5 or 6 can withstand a lot and almost doesn’t get scratched (we’ll see what happens with the new Gorilla Glass Virtus). If you are worried that you will drop your smartphone on the pavement, then this will not save any glass or film screen can still break.

To discuss all new equipment and ask questions regarding the old you can in our Telegram chat.

And glass, protectors and covers, on the contrary, discourage. You cease to be careful to expensive device and increase the risk of its falling. Then begins what I already said. The screen and the back panel will remain intact, but the inside can be damaged. Just imagine what could happen with the camera, the movement of a dozen items which is in the range of fractions of a millimetre. The slightest fall can damage it beyond repair.

You can bring the phone and to this state, but we need to work hard. By the way, this place can break with a strong inflection.

So think. It may be better to abandon the covers, begin careful to use a smartphone and get tactile pleasure from his body?

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