The first foldable phone talking for a smart watch!

Working a Chinese company called “TCL” which dictates my relationship to “BlackBerry Mobile”,”Alcatel”, manufacturing phone folding moves for a smart watch, is also planning to manufacture five devices to the least used screen flexible displays, including two tablets, two phones smart phone flexible can turn into a smart watch, according to the versions of companies and patents obtained by the website “CNET” interested in tech news.

Foldable phone talking for hours hand smart!

Needs tablet one the screen folds internally like a clamshell, while others contain an external display, such as a “Royole Flexpai” at the same time, a smart phones and also on the two different types can be folded from inside and outside, but their slimming two on the horizontal line, the phone seems to last long and thin and able to bend into a smart watch around the wrist, as I don’t buy any of them in the same design such as a phone Samsung folding.

أول هاتف قابل للطي يتحول لساعة ذكية! Foldable phone

Confirm the audio industry attention growing organs folding, which is considered as the jump key the following in the design of the phones is a great way to attract attention to the phones again, where everyone is usually on their smartphones longer than before, and it’s difficult to justify raising the price level due to modifications that are relatively simple that are made every year, the hope lies in the possibility of changing these folds and change a new way to interact with electronics.

The images are preliminary, and may change the “TCL” or cancel their plans, it is also unclear when, can reach appliances to the market, but one of the executives in the “TCL” told “CNET” in the last month that the company will launch the first folding apparatus in 2020, at that time, it was unclear what type of device you’re on, where that company produces many different devices.

“Stefan Streit” general manager of global marketing in the firm “TCL” in an interview with the CES: “it’s not just smartphones,” he said, adding that consumer products other such as appliances and television sets can also benefit from the new technology folding.

The company is among the best manufacturers of TV devices, but experience less when it comes to phones, I’ve concluded a license deal with “BlackBerry” to make the phones are the ones that focus on productivity, has made its own licensing of the name” Palm” to an emerging company that designed phone, very strange, where the company hopes to build its name by jumping on one of the most trends bright in the industry.

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