The first group: selection of the technical world of the best Android apps to 2018

المجموعة الأولى: مختارات عالم التقنية لأفضل تطبيقات أندرويد لعام 2018

With the end of the current year and the beginning of a New Year, ask God to be a year full of Iranian and delights, there is no doubt that the passing moments thinking about our plans. and decisions of the New, whether learning something new, or continue what we started last year, or simply think about our lives.

Irrespective of our arrangements and decisions it is good beginning to achieve your dreams and ambitions to begin to implement the difficulty step by step, we all know the journey of water beginning with “step” I generally stay in our passion, copy and relive you of our stations to 2018 in memory of great apps which have been launched in particular this year.

As we have taken the same step for 2017 and for the year caused by 2016, we get it for 2018, where in this article you’ll be with us the first group to the best Android apps to 2018, which is the first and last of the tests team site “tech world”, and generally let us not linger to talk more and start by mentioning the applications:

1. Mirror:

تطبيق Mirror الجديد لصناعة رموز تعبيرية شخصية

The first app which is the developer of industry codes particularly expressive, the app includes a built-in camera with him, which itself is smart, as it works to transform personal photos “selfie” to the beautiful emoji, and quite similar to the face of the real, with its focus fully on the eye color and hair color real, Of course, I overlooked the editing tools other, together there is a keyboard coming with the app, which with the user can share the emoji duel between friends, as well as the presence of more than 200 emoji is ready for use immediately.

2. Screen Capture Tool:

HTC تطلق تطبيقها Screen Capture على قوقل بلاي

One of the apps HTC Corporation is directed specifically for the company only, with respect to its mission, they are distinct in capturing the screen shot of the phone screen, and most importantly the advent of his capacity to pick up child in the phones Galaxy the leading, both Tool Company for painting or capture scroll on the screen, as well as feature picking a continuous aggregation in a single page, This is a very important and very useful to pick up the conversations and documents of work, furthermore there is a range of other tools, most notably the tool to hide any part of the image, tool graphics and tool of discrimination with a certain color, the tool of the brush, Tool additional posters and other helpful gizmos.

3. YouCam Perfect:

تطبيق YouCam Perfect لإلتقاط وتعديل الصور مع مجموعة أدوات كاملة

One of the great apps, and unique in the field of photography and photo editing, where its effects in real time, instead of picking and save the image and then addressed with a view to edit, choose you this app all, where simply reviews to you to influence and you only need the slider to choose the best and then pick, it also includes the effects of excited as that available on Snapchat, and its tools other tool to blur the background and rotate the photo and the effect of HDR, are Gaussian Blur and remove defects in the face, in particular, Not only that, but this app also supports to capture video and add it effects the standard or effects in real time and save it and share it immediately with friends.

4. Die With Me:

It is not surprising to see the application developers are interested in creating the means are important and useful and specifically when the battery is on the verge of force, the application of Die With Me and used the idea more fascinating is the possibility to chat with friends when the battery level is 5% or less, and includes software to reduce the consumption set of the battery, as well as relying on background black and White talks to align with the level of the battery current in each line of the conversation, finally unfortunately the app is not free it is available at a price of 0.99$ but worth the experience.

5. Nwsty:

تطبيق Nwsty الجديد يعرض لك مُلخّص الخبر في أندرويد

Will this application with a summary of the risk, so instead of reading the title in bold or delve into the details of time-consuming, and of course if the news you care simply you can press to read the full story or see the same news from different sources.

6. Browser Cake :

إطلاق متصفح Cake Browser السريع لجميع المستخدمين "أندرويد | iOS"

This browser makes the search process much faster than even the fastest of all the browsers available, being based tactile look and act alike, and its main facade, there is a search bar component of the 5 colored buttons, namely the “audio, video, internet, news, results of shopping” with the possibility of writing a URL, and in the browser it takes you directly to the result of the first, which are closer to required, and not as other browsers that can show you a lot of search results which usually most of them are unimportant or not intentional, And by multi-touch and scrolling you can move between the results, it is characteristic of his other he carries a blocker for ads to be activation optional and not default.

7. FingerSecurity:

تطبيق FingerSecurity لحماية التطبيقات ببصمة الأصبع

With this app you’ll get a layer of additional security for any application or setting on your phone, just as an option to lock apps, for its part holds the application many options to make your browsing experience easier, safer, and its most important features is that it supports to protect any application with footprint, supports set a time limit to not lock the apps after exiting them, here to talk about the applications that are frequently accessed, also supports the protection of the notifications and prevent them from appearing, as well as to identify specific sites to open your local applications automatically.

Not only that, but there, the advantages of customization, by setting any image you have as background for the application, and allow other people to clearly mark them. To increase the security in the case of non-recognition on fingerprints for any reason, you can simply assign the code to enter for investigation without the need for insight. Also there is a feature to recognize people who tried to open the phone like a failure, and automatically take a picture from the front camera.

8. Telegram X:

تطبيق Telegram X بديل لتطبيق تيليجرام الرسمي على أندرويد

This app includes all the messaging features of the application Telegram with a few experimental features which you don’t see in the official app, and when you compare this app alternative with a Telegram according to the experience is faster and smoother than the official app, with the advent of the advantage of his prolonged pressure on the conversation to be previewed a pop-up, as there is a night mode and a tool to change the size of the text, with the possibility of hiring a statement of your account in the Telegram official to enter and experience the app, as well as contain stickers expressive, unique and a lot of other advantages.

9. Scheduled:

تطبيق Scheduled على أندرويد لجدولة أي رسالة وإرسالها تلقائيًا

With the application Scheduled not omit to send any message, either via messaging apps of various “messenger, WhatsApp, line ,,Etc” or SMS message, as the app comes to the task schedule messages and send them in any time you identify, in terms of usability and charged to investigate and open it, you will be prompted to grant access to contacts, apps, SMS as soon as it is finished, you are taken to its main screen, which is kind of obvious and the organization is very, As you will notice the message box and tools other tasks as determining the day of transmitter, time transmitter, or the process of repeating the message, as it includes your application when approaching the Transmitter even after the transmitter you will notice that, without it, the app is not free and is available at a price of 0.99$.

10. This:

إطلاق تطبيق المحاسبة والفواتير Aliphia على أندرويد و iOS

The service of this or a J in Arabic, one of the professional services and addressed to the owners of self-employment for owners of small and medium businesses on the desktop, to recently about the availability of the service as an application on mobile phones, where the app on the great advantages you forget they are and the complexity of the software other open the price, which need considerable time and effort in learning and use, in turn allows the app to manage the purchases and sales and even set up billing and track all movements of products in different stores, As well as access to this data from any place and at any time being that the data is stored and securely in the Cloud available for all devices.

11. SpotOn:

This app comes with the idea of associating the ringtone with tracks from YouTube automatically, it also supports identifying a playlist from YouTube, where every day or wake up on a different tone, it also puts the app in your hands a list of videos recommended or that you care about, and from there directly you can turn any video clip, this helps you to collect yourself after sleep and wake up without anxiety sleep again, finally Needs You App two things the first is to have your phone connected to the internet, the second login with your account Google in-app, which by the way is available for free download.

12. SMS Organizer:

تطبيق SMS Organizer من مايكروسوفت لتنظيم رسائل SMS في أندرويد

This app helps in the process of managing your messages the SMS fully, and with it you can organize your Messages so that you do not miss any important message, with the support of Read message from Notification Center or the lock screen, and notifications periodically about the existence of unread message, and is smart as it automatically send out reminders about your upcoming or tickets to your movies and the bus station until the payment of the Bills in a timely fashion, and also you can create ticket custom the next, there are customization tools as a test to Al dark, or al the Conqueror, As well as its support for the backup of all your messages and import them on your new phone.

13. Empty Folder Cleaner:

تطبيق Empty Folder Cleaner لحذف المجلدات الفارغة في أندرويد

This application helps you to delete all empty folders and subfolders on your device, you can also have a user select a folder given to delete all the folders inside of it which would normally be empty, to be the end solution to the chaotic phone and the extra storage space benefit on one way or another, and in case you select a folder full of cross-error, don’t worry, the application does not delete any folder, even on a single file, even if deleted some of the default folders, it automatically and after restart the phone will create all the system folders again, or the system will process and create an automatic when necessary.

14. Privacy Messenger:

تطبيق Privacy Messenger للتراسل بأنواعه والمشفر في أندرويد

Characteristics. we can say that he can count on you, where it supports messaging text free and paid, through internet connection and via SMS messages respectively, so that it supports sending SMS text messages encrypted fully, with the backup of these messages and restore them at any time, along supports messaging text encrypted and when you call the internet, to increase security prevents the application of any process to take the Company “screen shot”, and customer notifications for private messages.

As well as its support to address the anonymous numbers in real time, and the schedule of text messages, and support for customization-both across a range of emoji which transcend 3000 emoji, or through themes and “theme”, and not only that, but there is support for the establishment of groups and support for phones owners provided contact binary SIM “Android 5.1 most recent”, and compatibility with H Android Wear support GIF animations, and tools to send pictures, voice, video, and the clipboard and lock the app and search for any text.

15. WavStudio:

تطبيق WavStudio الجديد أداة مهنية لتحرير وتسجيل الصوت في أندرويد

With it users can record the sounds and edit them at once, we can say that tool is a large professional in recording the sounds, where it comes with a great set of tools, most notably the import file formats the following “aac, aif, aifc, aiff, alac, amr, ape, au, caf, flac, htk, iff, m4a, mat4, mat5 mp3, ogg, paf, pcm, pvf, raw, sd2, sf, snd, svx, voc, w64, wav, xi” and export of the following formats “aiff, flac, mp3, ogg, pcm, wav”.

He, in turn, supports external microphone, and built with a browser to load and save files, as well as his support for the operations of undo and redo-paste, along there Photo Editor full, zoom tool to print the image to edit it easily, and a limited range of audio effects, all with simple interface and colorful and easy to use.

16. Monefy:

Comes the application of Monefy with highlights, most notably the support widget on the Home screen and even lock screen, and sync data with cloud storage service Dropbox, as well as sync it with several devices, the creation of these records on cloud and access on the change of these devices, however you can add your view on oil in the long graph and get detailed information from the list of records, not only where there is a calculator built-in, support protection app with a password and many other advantages are.

17. Via:

Application Via the browser the fastest, lightest, and least size in Android

It seems that the browser Cake mentioned earlier is not only in its features, where there is a browser other Via and used more, so enjoy the high speeds as well as eased the small size which does not exceed 0.5 mb, thus being very suitable for smoother and less consuming of the resources of the phone, and not only that but it comes with a bunch of powerful features such as tool save data, tool to save web pages for viewing later without the need to contact the internet, the tool-blocker and ad blocking, and features a night mode and manner of the desktop, support for plugins, The advantages of Private Browsing, which in turn does not save your browsing history never, as well as support customization full options, import and export of bookmarks and many other features.

18. Rave:

تطبيق Rave للدردشة مع الأصدقاء أثناء مشاهدة الفيديوهات

This app supports watching videos from YouTube, chat with friends, either one friend or a group of friends at the same time, and as you can see in the photo application, have the video at the top of the Valley and the updates at the bottom with no clumping, in turn, also supports the application of Rave videos from Vimeo and study books parking the drive and the community of Reddit, and most of all that it also supports voice chat.

19. VUE:

The app loads the logo of the plains and in the manufacture of short videos which no more than 60 seconds, enabling the user of the video processing and add cinematic effects to it, and characteristic of his other claims add stickers, emoji and includes more than 30 stickers of all feelings. In terms of effects or filters Fisher app here about 12 filter is carefully selected from experts of the cinema in order to meet all the needs of the user, with his support import any video store in the phone, or direct export, either via the rear or front camera, not only this, it also supports to add music, add text and customize it whether size or color, with the option of direct participation in Snapchat or Instagram or on other social platforms.

20. Messenger Kids:فيسبوك تطلق تطبيقها Messenger Kids على قوقل بلاي

After its launch the year before last, I know Facebook is about to allow its application this on Android with the beginning of the current year, generally there the child does not need to own an account in Facebook, as I don’t need it for a phone number to activate it, everything is done through the account parents, this is a prerequisite for everything, and here the parents say first download the app on your child and then log in using their personal account in order to grant the necessary powers to create an account for the child in the app and not on Facebook, as Will the name appears in the search results. After completing the application becomes ready to use, but the final decision in everything the hand of the parents.

21. KUNI Analog:

تطبيق KUNI Analog لإضافة التأثير الاحترافي Light Leak في صورك

Choose this app to submit the filter to the Reserve Light Leak “highlight”, can easily edit your photos and its artistic look is amazing, and puts in your hands more than 60 the effect of this filter, with a number of other filters and other most important effect of the 3D curvature of the color, the effect of the filter colors, the effect of the Grain, and not only that, where there is a feature printed date on the photo. color and size customized, show the negative point only in the application that does not include a camera to take pictures and edit them directly, just there is a box to import images from the gallery.

22. Bing Places:تطبيق Bing Places من مايكروسوفت للشركات وأصحاب الأعمالthe application of Bing Places which care about the business owners and companies as well as stores, to be a free service that lets companies manage their own lists in the Bing search or Bing Maps, and to make sure that clients and customers always have accurate information about the company employees and most importantly their work, and when you add a business card in the app, the person can modify the details of business activity, such as business name, address and location map and social accounts, phone number ,,Etc, there is space to put another business related to the company, even company details from where the facade and the interiors of the offices and devices used and places of work and rest of staff are all available to put in the business card.

23. Setmore Appointments:

If you have a team work with application Setmore Appointments you can manage all your tables efficiently and from one place, and your employees can see all appointments on a weekly or monthly basis, in addition to the possibility to put the timing of the work and create records for employees and a list of services, evaluation time, even for the same customers can have a reservation with the staff on specific, without it the app is available for free download, but extends your subscription account to take advantage of the advanced features, on her head to get notifications as SMS, sync calendar with say Google, and add more employees “over 20 employees”.

24. Photos Companion:

تطبيق Photos Companion من مايكروسوفت لنقل الصور إلى الحاسوب

This application designed to transfer photos quickly from your phone to the computer working issue Windows 10, and was developed specifically and primarily for students in order to meet the obstacles they face in the classroom to get the content immediately on their computer using their smartphone, in relation to the possibility to use the application Photos Companion depends on the profit the temporary by scanning QR codes, with support to send multiple photos via WiFi network itself, to appear immediately in the Photos app on Windows 10.

25. Lens Distortions:

تطبيق Lens Distortions لإضافة تأثيرات طبيعية على صورك

With this new app you will be able to add effects normal, for example if I wanted to add fog or rays of the sun sparkly., or even snow and rain closer to the truth. with this app you can do that, as well as having the editing tools of the main bundles of other influences, in turn, allows you to apply Lens Distortions the sum of 5 the effects of each package for free, if you want to open all of the effects of all the packages we have here the monthly subscription at the price of 0.99$.

26. SchoolVoice:

تطبيق SchoolVoice حلقة وصل بين المدرسة وأولياء الأمور

The Arab Working Group UAE established to develop a digital platform clever name SchoolVoice aiming to simplify the process of communication between schools and parents, is that the most important obstacles that stand in the way of effective communication in the education sector to be the goal is the only product publication development, educational, service SchoolVoice available on desktop as well as on the smart phone “Android and iOS”, and has been developed to help schools avoid paper-work that requires parents to sign school papers and flyers Academy, which may be less effective and lead eventually to loss of time, to be the integration of modern technology in this service, Let’s finally experience use great and easy and fast response, the most important is to contribute to raising the rate of students, hence the full audit to develop SchoolVoice.

27. Samsung Max:

سامسونج تطلق تطبيقها Samsung Max لحفظ الخصوصية والبيانات

That comes with a couple of goals similar completely for Opera Max, the two save data and browse the internet securely, with regard to the possibility to use one of the basic functions of the application to reduce the amount of data you consume without compromising the browsing experience by compressing web pages, images and media through a web browser or from other apps, and there is delivered to or obtain content similar in quality but with a MB less, in addition the application supports the notification of the user applications that consume a lot of data, which will allow only the consumption of this data is available on the user’s desire.

The second section of the app work, is to encrypt the private data that are usually sent from Wi-Fi networks or mobile networks, in other words supplied to the VPN makes it is access to the internet more secure.

28. Smooz Browser:

Smooz متصفح ويب غني على أندريد و iOS

Another browser where the most prominent characteristic of his behavior in the open tabs, when clicking on any link you will be redirected in a new tab separate, as well as to change the position of tabs simply pass towards the right or the left, and I wanted to shut the tab scroll quickly towards the top of the tab itself, and most importantly this provides browser a collection of nodding under customizable, for example you can here customization to open the special situation immediately, or translate the page immediately or even shut down the tab and updated, and its other main advantage of learning the favorite sites with a view to the possibility of quick access to us, And the special situation in which not a trace to give you, or the date of your search, as well as support to the director of download codes, rapid response.

29. PictureThis:

تطبيق PictureThis لمعرفة أنواع النبات والأشجار بواسطة الكاميرا

Is the ability of very smart and very accurate in the process of classifying plants and trees with the camera, as this app ID for this nature airing of RMB a few, in terms of how to work with him, as soon as you open the app and press the button compact camera with him and guide the flowers and take a picture of him, immediately will clear the picture and provide a detailed description for everything related to flowers or a tree in less than a second “depending on the description coming with the app”.

And collects application PictureThis technologies for deep learning with the knowledge and expertise for the whole network of specialists in the field of gardening and horticulture, it also comes with one extremely simple, and most importantly the interface of photography to help you capture the best image possible, and a lot of other advantages which let it be adapted by yourself.

30. MoShow:

تطبيق MoShow الجديد لصناعة فيلمك الخاص من صورك وفيديوهاتك

Application of the MoShow, which is a powerful application in his field, so recommend you try it owing to his next with him, perhaps most notably ease of Use and application, and its features that support the development of each of the images and videos and run them to model segments, and not to forget the development group, which is a effects between each slide and the other, well the application supports adding an audio clip saved in your phone as well as add text with the modified and edited, and supports the application of MoShow option to preview a movie before saving it, this is useful for the preparation of the final, and leave the rest of its features to be adapted by yourself.

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