The first in the post-Soviet era cruise ship “Peter the Great” successfully launched

At the moment there are around 400 cruise ships and none of them were produced in Russia. The situation began to improve in 2016, when at Astrakhan shipyard “LOTOS” was formed the enclosure of a five star liner “Peter the Great”. The other day he was finally lowered into the water — plant workers left to spend the final stages of Assembly, and in 2020, the construction can be considered complete.

During the launching ceremony, according to tradition, the ship was smashed a bottle of champagne — this process represents the contact of the ship with sea foam, and promises him good luck. The honor to break a bottle was given to Anna Isayeva — Director of shipping on inland waterways of the Russian chamber of shipping.

To finish building the ship is already on the water. In particular, the builders left to undertake electrical work, plumbing, to glaze the Windows and to check the liner in the course of mooring and sea trials.

Length 5,5 meter tourist liner is 140 meters and width 16 meters. He is fully five-star hotel: four decks can fit 310 passengers and 90 workers of the liner. The area of each of the 144 double cabins is 13 square metres. In addition, for an additional fee, passengers will be able to settle in four cabins with extra beds, and six Deluxe cabins with balconies.

Among other features of the liner is to provide a place to conduct theatres and concerts, several meeting rooms, fitness center, SPA, saunas, Golf courses, and several restaurants. Also the builders will equip the ship the Internet and TV.

The liner will operate on the Caspian and the Black sea. It is planned that it will operate under the brand “Mosturflot”.

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