The first leak for the Google Pixel 4a

If you are looking for the best experience for the Android platform in terms of software, there is no doubt that phones Pixel is desired, because Google, the manufacturer is the same developer of the Android system.

However, and intervenes heavily in the government on the quality of experience, and has been Google’s recent severe criticism of the “steam it” compared to the fate of my Android devices, for example, the limited capacity of the radio caused the problem, closing apps running in the background directly on the phones Pixel 3, it seems that the next phone will not without criticism also.

To compensate for the defects of the Pixel 3 XL most notably, the design is hideous, made Google first phones the pixels from the medium category, which is Pixel 3a which arrived in early 2019, it seems that the company is working on the Pixel 4a according to the latest leaks.

From the standpoint of design, is expected to come 4a with the same structure, texture dulled, it says it’s a type of plastic, and the about that it does not captures the effects of the fingers. The sills panned the audience, the camera is the only plan, 12-megapixel, knowing that competitors bring 3 cameras to phones at the same price.

It is the front, will the phone on the larger screen of the present in 3a but in a younger body, reportedly 5.7 or 5.8 inch, comes body younger also as a result of dialogue thick, and the adoption of a front-facing camera single wave with the screen, reminiscent of the phones Samsung, this also means that the advantage of motion sensor or Motion Sense will not be present most likely.

In terms of specifications, expected to come 4a with one of Qualcomm’s processors for the intermediate category, highlighted options of the candidate Snapdragon 730 or 765. If Google continues the criticism of the former, we must think 6 GB of RAM, instead of 4GB. The photos illustrate the presence of separate USBC and the sky the traditional.

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Finally, we point out that that’s like the first leak for Pixel 4a, is expected to receive the delivery until the live date of the declaration expected, a conference of developers Google I/O style declaration 3a, this takes place in the month of May of each year.

Source Android Police

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