The first live images for Redmi 8A camera double capacity battery 5000 mAh

Spotted the first live pictures phone Redmi 8A, which shows the design of the bump diameter at the screen, with the settings of the double cable control of rear which is referred to it includes a sensor 64 mega pixel camera.

Revealed leaks on TENAA during the financial period on some of the specifications that apply by phone Redmi 8A, which appeared in the Register of the model number M1908C3IC, Today show the first live pictures that reveal the design of this version.

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Features phone Redmi 8A full control of the background with double LED flash, the sensor footprint depends the design of the back, is also expected to have this version phone is Redmi 8 that comes memory random 4 GB or, the storage capacity of 64 GB.

It also features this version of the chip Snapdragon processor 439, with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, from the other side indicate some expectation that a phone Redmi 8A comes equipped with 64 mega-pixel camera in the settings of the cable car dual rear, as was previously pointed to the phone is Redmi, which comes equipped with 64 mega-pixel camera features the design of the bump diameter at the screen.

As indicated by previous leaks indicate that the phone is Redmi, which contains this sensor includes a chip processor Helio G90T the new MediaTek, also confirmed Lu Weibing, vice chairman of the company’s Redmi previously that the company has already begun mass production for its possible sensor 64 mega pixel camera last month.


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