The first live pictures for Google the area of the Pixel 4

Published on the internet the first live images for the search giant to the next Pixel 4, which shows complete control of the phone design, square shape with multiple settings for the rear.

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The company revealed Google recently announced the first official images that illustrate the design of the phones Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL, where the search giant this year to design the box in a cable car style background design and perspective of the phones the iPhone this year.

And still Google to attract attention in anticipation of the versions this year, where the monitoring of live images for Pixel 4 which was published via 9to5Google, except that the live images don’t reveal too many details about the design of the phone except the camera background revealed by Google already.

Recall that the versions of the Google phones Pixel disclosed often measure live images before the official announcement period, where previous monitoring phone Pixel I with a user on board the train, as published vivid images for Pixel 3 XL in public places before the official announcement period, so we expect the emergence of more images that reveal more details about the design version of Google possible this year.


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