The first official comments from Huawei on the withdrawal of the license landed

Confirmed the Chinese giant Huawei at the first official statements that came in response to the pull of Google to license the landed on the that the company is committed to paying the protection updates need phones from Huawei and Honor.

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Came the response of Google to the restrictions imposed on the Huawei bescletta fast and powerful with the ban system license landed, but Google’s decision raised a lot of controversy about the future versions of Huawei smart phones which already controls a large share of sales of smart phones in the world.

On the other hand, Huawei presented an official statement confirming the major role for Huawei in the deployment and growth of the platform landed on the world level, this coupled with the sales of Huawei phones that are planning sales of phones the search giant, so with such a large number of users of phones, Huawei phones Honor the current, it is expected that the company will continue to push software updates and protection for these versions, with new releases also in the stores of the company.

Has Google confirmed in her remarks prior to they committed to paying the updates and services to Google Play for users of Huawei phones Current, also will allow users of phones to the current update apps also, only to update software Andre is still the focus of controversy in the present time, particularly the future of these versions.

Recall that the Huawei development of the operating system of its own smartphones at the moment, but still there are some hopes of people owning phones Huawei and Honor to end this crisis between the United States and Huawei in soon.


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