The first official images of the phone Shawty Mi CC9 before the official announcement

Today appeared the first official images of the phone Shawty perspective Mi CC9 that applies soon as the first version of the sign of CC brand new buy Shawty.

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I started a company Shao during the financial period in posting ads trailer about released the first sign of CC business and, where applicable, telephone Mi CC9 front camera special sensor 32 mega-pixel camera with full control of wallpaper settings three-way with sensor key accurately 48 mega pixel camera.

It is new Today published the first official pictures of the phone before the official announcement on the 2nd of July, where it comes to the design head for the back car, as it appears in the photo in Snow White possible.

This version comes with a premium design trying to the white color phone vivo iQOO, or white psoriatic possible for P30 Pro, and also the color of the phone Samsung possible Galaxy S10.

Also scheduled to apply phone Mi CC9 USB-C as it appears in the official photo with the speaker grille audio in the bottom of the phone, it also houses the entrance to the earphones 3.5 mm, with microphone with noise cancellation and the IR in the top of the phone, while the volume and power buttons at the acoustics in the side of the phone.

Recall that shawty already sent a formal invitation of the conference of the Mi CC9, which apply from China on the 2nd of July, to present the first version of its brand-third of smart phones.


I know of

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