The first part of a lunar base NASA will build Maxar for 375 million dollars

Space Agency NASA has signed a contract with space technology company Maxar 375 million dollars. Under the contract the latter will develop the first segment of the Lunar Gateway, which will go into space — read about what a “Lunar gateway”, a future space station orbiting the moon. Maxar, which can now boast that became the first commercial partner of this initiative, will work on power and propulsion element of the lunar orbital station.

This component will provide the station with energy, possibilities of maneuvering, control, communication systems and the first docking features.

Who is going to build a lunar base for NASA

If you are not familiar with this name, it’s because the company is not committed to a specific publicity and PR, working mostly behind the scenes for major technology companies. The most well-known products include Maxar Canadarm — a giant manipulator used in space Shuttle of NASA, and also system of remote manipulation of Canadarm2 and Dextre on the International space station. Of experience with space technology, it does not hold.

While Maxar will be responsible for this project, Blue Origin Jeff Bezos and the Draper will help the company to design and build a spacecraft for the demonstration. You see, the company will have to prove that the device operates by performing a space flight demonstration, and is focused on 2022. The demo period can last up to a year, but once it is proven that the segment is running, it will officially be the first element of the Gateway.

In his ad Maxar said that element will be based on the 1300 series platform of the spacecraft. It is also said that a key design element of this segment will be deployed solar NASA (ROSA), which is rolled before starting, and do not stack. The company has announced that it will choose a commercial rocket to launch power and power segments over the next 12-18 months. New Glenn from Blue Origin, as noted by Ars, it can be a leader, given his participation in the project, however, Maxar does not claim this directly.

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